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Universe Club in Japan

Universe Club is an adult dating service that sets up guys with willing women for nights out on the town and more. The club is an incredibly professional and well-organized outfit that is so open to foreigners that it publishes its website in English and Japanese and has fluent English speakers on staff.

Guys of at least twenty years of age can join the Universe Club by contacting them to set up an initial interview. This will be done in person either at a cafe or in case of need some place more discreet. The interviewers find out what new members are looking for, set them up with a membership and log in information for the website and collect an initial membership fee.

Universe Club isn’t cheap but they offer enough services to make it worth the price of purchase. Annual membership for men costs between 30,000 and 300,000 Yen ($256-2564 USD) depending on the class. Members can date women in their class or a lower class without paying any extra fees. Guys who want to date above their class need to pay a fee.

Fees also must be paid for each date that is arranged. This “setting fee” is determined by the class of the women. Dates with women who belong to the “standard” class require a setting fee of 30,000 Yen. Dates with women in the “platinum” class requires a setting fee of 50,000.

Dates set up through Universe Club are a lot like any other real date. No one outside of the people involved know that a club helped set things up. Dinner dates are the norm but other things are also popular. If people on a date hit it off they can exchange contact information and meet again in the future without going through the club.

The Universe Club website contains profiles on thousands of women across Japan. It includes accurate pictures, videos, vital information and more on each lady along with her membership class and a letter rating that indicates how willing she is to do more than just date.

Ladies marked with an “A” are only looking for things like diner. Ladies with a “E” marking are usually up for getting intimate after a date. There are other letters in between. None of the ladies are looking for love alone though. Male members are expected to gift women at least 5,000 Yen for a dinner date and 30,000 to 50,000 Yen if things make it to the bedroom. Ongoing and sugar baby type relationships can also be established with varying associated costs.

Universe Club is very helpful to its members. People who work at the club can be contacted any time and they are very helpful and quick to respond. They can set up dates, find nice restaurants and make reservations and more. They even keep track of menstrual cycles! Combined with a website that allows the available women to be narrowed down by things like interests, height, smoking status and more, male members with more money than time on their hands have access to quite a resource.

Universe Club is open every day. They can contacted over the phone or through their website. Here is the Universe Club website.

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