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What it’s like to go on a date through Universe Club

Universe Club has been covered on both this site and Rockit Reports in some detail. As previously described the business is a large dating club with male and female members all over Japan that arranges dates.

This makes things much easier than trying to pick women up on the street. The club even goes as far as organizing a database of all of the available women. This includes their photos, statistics, schedules and even when they have their time of the month. All of this is done for a modest fee.

But that doesn’t tell you what it’s actually like to go on a date arranged through the club. By special request I will do that now.

There are a few ways to set up dates through Universe Club. Probably the easiest is to contact someone at the club with a list of dates and times and ask for recommendations of women available then. A list of things can be included to narrow the available women down but that’s not totally necessary as they keep a file on each male member indicating what sort of gals he is looking for.

Once a list of available women is presented the client can make one or two selections. The club will contact them to make sure they are absolutely free. If they are a date will be set up. The client can choose a place or the club can do it. The people who work at the club know a lot of great places to eat all over the city and they can even make reservations for those who cannot speak Japanese.

All that is left to be done then is to show up at the place on the date and time arranged and meet with the lady.

The women who meet guys through Universe Club are mostly attractive. They always look like their pictures because staff at the club take the pictures themselves. A lot of the profiles even contain candidly shot videos which paint an even more complete picture of what the women look like.

The club database also has info on who does and doesn’t speak English. A lot of the women at Universe Club can speak at least some. Quite a few can speak fluently or near it. Since there are so many foreign guys using the club the gals are pretty much set to meet gaijin without worry.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Japanese and other people floating around. Many are baseless. The reputation that Japanese people have for being on time is however nearly always true. So the women at Universe Club are almost always waiting at the restaurants where dates are set before the actual date time.

Staff in the restaurants can guide customers to the tables they have reserved where they meet their dates. From there it is the normal ice breaking and conversation that one would expect with any date.

Perhaps surprisingly to some there isn’t much more awkwardness than there would be on any first date. The women tend to act normally and there usually isn’t much of any reference to the Universe Club or the fact that payment was made to arrange the date. At most a lady may ask a guy when he signed up for the club and how he likes it.

That doesn’t mean that the women shy away from talk of the club either. If guys bring it up in a way that is both polite and discreet they are usually up for discussing it.

Hinting at moving somewhere more intimate towards the end of a date can be more delicate. Some women indicate right up front on the club website that they are only there for dinner dates. Some indicate that they are fully up for getting intimate. The gals in the middle however are a little tougher to figure out.

All a guy can do is drop hints or perhaps some casual and soft suggestions to see if a lady wants to go to a love hotel or room. If they do they don’t normally have a problem indicating it. If they don’t they tend to beat around the bush and tell stories about early work days or something similar. Outright rude rejection is basically unheard of.

Because of this there is no real worry with dating at Universe Club. At best all sorts of things can happen. At worst guys can enjoy great food with nice gals that closes with a polite excuse.

Since the dating is compensated guys are expected to give a tip to their date no matter what happens. The usual payment given to a lady who only meets for dinner is 5,000 Yen. The usual payment to ladies who take it to the next level is more often around 30,000 to 50,000 Yen. Either way the expense is worth it to guys who don’t have the time or energy to try to find women on their own then convince them go on dates. That’s why the Universe Club is so popular.


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