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Fukuoka Erotic Massage in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Erotic Massage is a delivery health agency in Fukuoka that accepts foreign clients. Customers must arrange an appointment by phone, email or the use of Skype. The company has workers who speak decent English so appointments are easy to arrange.

Most appointments made are arranged around meetings at easy to find locations in Fukuoka. The website even has a map of the meeting points.

Once the service provider meets the customer she will walk with him to a nearby love hotel and book a room for a few hours. Then they will head to the room and she will provide the services.

There are many time slots available but the cheapest service lasts an hour and costs 14,000 Yen. Customers don’t need to tip their service providers but they do need to pay for the love hotel. If they want to select the service provider from the photos on the website they also need to pay a nomination fee.

Service consists of the provider giving the customer a very thorough washing, then a long sensual massage followed a skilled handjob with a big of face sitting performed while the provider is wearing nothing but a thong. Full service is not available but depending on the provider and the length of the session things like nipple and ball massages will be performed.

Fuokoka Erotic Massage is open every day. It’s closed between the hours of 5 am and 9 am. Here’s the Fuokuoka Erotic Massage website.


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