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JK Style in Tokyo

JK Style is a foreigner friendly delivery health outfit operating Tokyo. As the name implies the place has a school girl theme though obviously there are no actual school girls working at the place. Although the ladies listed on the JK Style website are described as ranging in age from eighteen to twenty several are well into their mid twenties.

The JK Style website is complete but also complex. Even those capable of reading Japanese might have trouble figuring out the various prices that depend on everything from time of day to the type of session. Foreigners are most likely to simply call the shop and ask to speak English. There are two male managers at JK Style who can speak English fairly well though they ask English speakers to speak slowly and clearly.

Generally speaking a 60 minute session starts at 19000 Yen ($170 USD). During the night and for longer sessions the price increases. Costumes like school girl uniforms and such also cost additional money. As a delivery health outfit the shop sends women out to meet customers at love hotels. Customers call the shop to make an appointment. Then they go to a love hotel and check in. Once checked in they call the shop back and give their room number. Then they wait for the lady they have booked to arrive.

There are dozens of women working at JK Style. Some are attractive but most are average at best. The pictures are heavily edited and do not always resemble the women they portray. In addition many of the most attractive women will not work with foreigners.

Service is supposed to include a massage and either a handjob or oral. Some women may do sumata instead. Although it is not permitted by law or endorsed by the shop at all some of the women also offer full service to customers at times.

True to form the ladies who work at JK Style often behave as if they are new to the scene. They do things like pretending to be shy. Some may not be pretending as a few do the work on the side. All are professionals though none offer a professional service course like ladies at Tokyo Style.

JK Style. Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from 10:00 AM — 5:00 AM. Phone: 03-6233-9969. Website:

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