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Peace Hand in Tokyo

Peace Hand is a delivery health company in Tokyo that sends women out to meet male customers. The shop is open to foreigners but they must speak Japanese well enough to book an appointment which is something that can even be difficult for native speakers due to the wide variety of options available. All sorts of service options are available and there are 30 different types of costumes the women can wear.

Peace Hand is located somewhere in Shibuya. The exact location doesn’t matter since the women on staff are sent to meet customers outside. Customers call the shop in advance to make an appointment. They will then be told where to go in Shibuya. A commonly recommended meeting point is very close to the Super Strip Theater.

Once the customer arrives at the meeting place they call the shop again. The shop will then direct them to a love hotel only steps away. They check into a room there and call again with the room number. The woman will show up moments later.

The women who work at Peace Hand are all Japanese. They range in age with most being between 18 and 22. Only a few are older. Most are attractive with nice bodies. Measurements and pictures on the shop website are fairly accurate.

There are too many options to go through in a brief description like this. Handjob service seems to be the most common and is combined with various options like a cheerleader uniform. Full sex is not allowed under any circumstances.

Prices range widely depending on the amount of time and options. An example appointment lasting 20 minutes with a woman arriving in a nice outfit, getting topless, letting the customer fondle her and then giving the customer a handjob might cost 6000 Yen ($50 USD) during one of the many regular promotional periods. There are cheaper and more expensive sets.

After the customer finishes he is cleaned up and the woman heads out the door. The customer leaves the room at his convenience.

Peace Hand is open every day from 11:00 am to 4:00 am. Bookings must be made in advance. Here is the Peace Hand website.

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