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Tokyo Style in Tokyo

Tokyo Style is a delivery health service in Tokyo that goes out of its way welcome foreign customers. It is a fully licensed and legal operation which is reflected in the professional way the company operates.

Tokyo Style does not have a central location that customers can visit for service. It is a delivery health operation which means that customers make an appointment in advance to meet one of the service providers somewhere in Tokyo.

The service providers can travel to private homes or hotels or the customers can ask Tokyo Style to help them find a love hotel to rent just for the session. The staff at Tokyo Style does everything in their power to make each session as relaxing as possible, even when in the early booking stages.

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There are a wide variety of service options available but the cheapest is a 75 minute course for 27,000 Yen. Sessions up to 6 hours are available for those who really want to relax.

The service providers arrive with male escorts who bring up their bags of tricks and ask the customer to sign a release saying he understands the rules and won’t break them. After the papers are signed the escort leaves and the fun begins.

The service provider will take the customer into the bathroom and give him a full body scrub in the nude. After that it’s off to the bed for a long body massage followed by breast play, a testicle massage and handjob, and then (for those who take the “deluxe course”) a fully nude blowjob to completion, usually ending with the provider on top of the customer in the 69 position. Some of the providers may ask to use a condom but most leave the decision up the customer.

After the service another wash is given. Shorter sessions may end there after a little more small talk. Longer sessions can add all kinds of other services and little treats. The women perform expertly and have all their own oils and towels to ensure that the place is left spotless after the service.

The woman at Tokyo Style are a real pleasure. They are attractive and many can speak good English. Quite a few have amazing assets like large breasts or round bums that one may not expect to see in Japan.

Tokyo Style is open every day from 2 pm to 4 am. Here is the Tokyo Style website.


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