The Japanese fuzoku industry is gigantic and includes everything from pink salons to delivery health and fetish clubs. Unfortunately most of the many shops in the country are off limits to those who are not Japanese by birth. Thankfully some of the shops out there have taken mercy on poor gaijin souls and allowed entry to anyone capable of paying and respectfully following the rules.

The following is a list of foreigner friendly sex shops in Japan. This list is updated regularly with the help of readers like you. If you have any information about a shop listed below or missing from the list please let us know with a comment.


—Delivery health

Fukuoka Erotic Massage. Open 9:00a-5:00p. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)

Hot Point Villa. Open 9:00a-5:00p. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)



Paradise. Minamimachi 15-5, Kawasaki, Kawasaki. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Website)


—Dating clubs

Kirari Community Cafe. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Universe Club. Always available online. (More info) (Website)

—Delivery health

JK Style. Open 10:00a-5:00a. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)

Seventh Heaven. Open 12:00p-5:00a. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)

Tokyo Style. Open 2:00a-4:00a. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)


Tokyo Escorts. Open 24 hours. (Website)

Tokyo Hentai Club. Open 12:00p-12:00a. Shibuya. (More info) (Website)

Tokyo Hentai Club. Open 12:00p-12:00a. Shinjuku. (More info) (Website)

Hipness. Uguisudani. Open 9:00a – 5:00p. Outcall only. (More info) (Website)

—Fashion health

Million Girls. Shinjuku. Open 12:00p-5:00a. (More info) (Website)

New York, New York. Ueno. Open 7:30a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Pururungang. Ikebukuro. Open 10:00a-52:00a. (More info) (Website)

Secret Touch. Ikebukuro. Open 7:30a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

—Fetish clubs

Milky Baby. Ikebukuro. Open 12:00p-?. (More info) (Website)

—Massage parlors

Asian Feeling. Kabukicho. Open 12:00p-5:00a. (More info) (Website)

Asian Relax. Kabukicho. Open 12:00p-5:00a. (More info) (Website)

Moon Love. Ikebukuro. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info)

—Oppai pubs

Ooedo. Ueno. Open 10:00a-?. (More info) (Website)

Pretty Getter. Ikebukuro. Open 6:00p-?. (More info) (Website)

—Peep shows

Madonna. Kabukicho. Open 11:00a-12:00a. Phone: 03-3200-1767. (More info) (Website)

New Hot Point. Kabukicho. Open 10:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website) (Map)

—Pink salons / pinsaros

Academy. Sugamo. Open 12:00p-12:00a (More info) (Map)

Dio / Emotion. Gotanda. Open 12:00p-12:00a (More info) (Website) (Map)

Hinomaru. Kabukicho. Open 9:00a-4:00a. (More info) (Website) (Map)

Jan Jan. Sugamo. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Map)

—Sex toy shops

Love Merci. Akihabara. Open 10:00a-10:00p. (More info) (Website)

M’s Pop Life in Akihabara. Open 10:00a-11:00p. (More info) (Website)

Maniac Shop Slum. Ikebukuro. Open 10:00a-11:00p. (More info)

Meiji Shoten. Ikebukuro. Open 10:00a-2:00a. (More info) (Website)

—Show bars

Gira Gira Girls. Kabukicho. Open 7:00p-late. (More info) (Website)


Cream Lemon. Yoshiwara. Open 6:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Darling Harbour. Yoshiwara. Open 6:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Dolce. Yoshiwara. Open 9:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Don Juan. Kabukicho. Open 6:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

EXE. Yoshiwara. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Kings Club. Yoshiwara. Open 6:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Kinpeibai. Yoshiwara. Open 10:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Landmark. Yoshiwara. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Putit Royal. Yoshiwara. Open 6:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Prima Donna. Yoshiwara. Open 12:00p-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Satin Doll. Yoshiwara. Open 7:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

Silky Doll. Yoshiwara. Open 7:00a-12:00a. (More info) (Website)

—Strip clubs

Seventh Heaven. Roppongi. Open 7:00p-2:00a. Phone: 03-3401-3644. (More info) (Website)

Super Strip Theater. Shibuya. Open 11:00a–11:30p. Phone: 03-3770-5737. (More info) (Map)

Tantra Tokyo. Roppongi. Open Monday-Saturday 8:00p-?. (More info) (Website)

TS Music Strip Theater. Kabukicho. Open 10:00a-?. (More info) (Website)

—Swingers clubs / Happening bars

Bliss Out. Kabukicho. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00a-7:00a. (More info) (Website)