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R18’s Half off Summer Sale to end soon

Anyone who has ever watched Japanese porn knows how great it can be. I have long touted the virtues of R18 as a distributor of digitized AV from the land of the rising sun. Along with Zenra which makes all sorts of Japanese porn with English subtitles available to the non-Nihongo speaking masses R18 is one of the absolute best sources for the sexy stuff online.

On top of hosting probably the largest collection of Japanese porn online R18 is also notable for running promotions throughout the year. The biggest and best is the summer sale which sees prices for videos on the site cut in half for a while. Unfortunately all things must come to an end and that includes the summer sale which will draw to a close on August 24.

Until then guys and gals can enjoy great discounts on videos like “Invited To An Erotic Massage Parlor Frequented By Housewives…” which tells the story of a woman in a sexless marriage who is convinced by her pears to visit a special sort of spa. The movie stars Yuri Nikaido who despite her age has an amazing body that includes a tight little asshole so clean that you could eat maple walnut ice cream off of it without worry.

Mixed Body fluids deep sex

The wonderful “Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Arina Hashimoto” is also included in the sale. Arina-chan really goes to work in this flick, breaking out all sorts of skills including the kind of behind-the-knee job that some of the best masseuses at Asian Feeling and Asian Relax utilize.

Another gem that is marked down by fifty percent during the sale is “The Seaside Clubhouse Where You Can Creampie Any Pussy You Like, Slut Edition.” As the title would suggest it consists of a group of super hot J-girls on the beach who are open to all sorts of sexual arrangements. It’s great!

In “We Lend Her The Keys To A Male Masochist’s Apartment” cougar Asahi Mizuno plays the part of an absolute animal who ravages man after man. These shy guys can barely keep up with the short skirted Mizuno as she totally works them over. Ultimately they all end up blowing their baby butter in the air a result.

Lesbian step sisters first time

Unfortunately not every video in the vast collection at R18 is up for sale but many are still worth looking at even at full price. “Busty Lesbian Sisters: My First Time Was With My Older Stepsister” tells the story of two smoking hot stepsisters with bodacious bodies who decide to do a little home schooling and figure things out on their own.

Another great video not on sale but still worth a look is the elaborate yet descriptively named “Henry Tsukamoto’s Kiss Crazy. The 72-Year-Old Director And Delicious Tongues. Actresses With Delightful Pussies“. Old Henry is a man after my own heart who does a lot of deep tongue kissing with hot naked Japanese women sitting with their legs spread wide open. Even with a bit of censorship the view can only be described as fantastic.


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