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Ooedo in Ueno

Ooedo is a Japanese themed oppai pub in the adult entertainment quarter of Tokyo’s Ueno district. The club has a number of women on staff who wear nothing but panties and a light flowery yukata. For a set fee customers can lay down next to these women, chat, fondle and lick their breasts and sometimes kiss. As with all Japanese breast bars customers are forbidden to touch the women below their belly buttons or leave any kiss marks.

The actual shop is located up a flight of stairs in a building with some other businesses. There is a sign outside but it is in Japanese. They usually have touts in the street looking for customers but those fellows don’t often approach foreigners. Gaijin who want to enter the shop either walk directly up to the place or stop at one of the fuzoku annaijo (adult entertainment information centers) nearby and ask them to call ahead. At times the place can be full and they will tell interested customers to wait in the information center for a few minutes until they send a tout to retrieve them. Foreigners who can understand some Japanese and those who have a Japanese friend or a points car from Ooedo have no problem gaining entrance.

Customers show up and pay a set fee at the door. The most common rate is 5000 Yen ($42 USD) for a two woman rotation lasting 40 minutes. At times the price is discounted. Before 5 pm a 40 minute session is just 4000 Yen ($34 USD) and an additional 5 minutes is supposed to be thrown in for free. The rules are explained to guys who visit for the first time. Returning customers need no explanation. No one at the shop seems capable of speaking English in any real way.

After they pay their entrance fees customers remove their shoes and place them in a provided bag. Next they enter a bathroom to the right where they brush their teeth and gargle with the provided materials. When that is done they head back out and find a waiting floor manager who will guide them to one of many pillow couches. These couches are on the floor and only barely separated from each other.

After the customer is ready the first woman will arrive and introduce herself. The situation will dictate what happens next. It’s possible for a customer to do nothing more than talk to a woman. Most will prefer to play with breasts. Sometimes the women will rub the customer’s penis over his clothes. The customer cannot touch the woman below her stomach.

After some time the first woman will leave. Soon another woman will arrive and the same process will take place. At the end of the session she will ask the customer if he would like to extend his time for an additional charge. If he would he can pay and stay longer. If not he will return to the front where his last lady will be waiting for him with his shoes ready to put on.

Ooedu Ueno is open every day from 10 am to late. Here is the Ooedu Ueno website which contains a map of the shop’s location.


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