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Pretty Getter in Ikebukuro

Pretty Getter is an oppai pub in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo where customers can go to chat with women, fondle their breasts, and in many cases kiss them too. The shop is one in a chain and warmly accept foreigners who have enough of a grasp on the Japanese language to understand the rules. The shop can be a little tough to find in the web of side streets that it is located in but it can certainly be done especially with the aid of a map.

Customer walk up four flights of stairs and meet a man outside who greets them and goes over the rules. Customers who have visited before can avoid hearing the rules by showing a card that indicates their experience.

There are various packages available but the most common is the 5990 Yen ($50 USD) set that gives the customer 40 minutes with four women. A sixty minute set is 9990 Yen and if a guy wants to chose a particular woman he has to pay an additional 2000.

The inside of the shop sort of resembles a pinsaro with a little more privacy. The room is divided into a few rows. Each row has long bench seats that can hold three couples. When it is quit a customer can get an entire bench to himself. When it is busy there will be another couple next to him.

The women come out in a rotation. They introduce themselves and do some brief chatting before things move on to more intimate events. Some women sit next to the customers but at times women will straddle a customer too. The women all generally look good but the best looking women tend to come out last which may cause a customer to extend his session.

The rules are simple. Customers cannot touch the women below the waist. Touching the breasts is not only allowed but is the normal service. Sometimes customers get away with lightly touching the leg or backside of a service provider but it depends on the situation. The main intention of the rules seems to be to keep hands away from the most intimate of areas. Another rule is that customers shouldn’t do anything that would leave a mark on a woman. This should be obvious. The last rule is that customers should respect the women and their wishes. This too should be obvious.

Most women are also up for kissing though there may be times when a particular woman isn’t. The women may touch the customer anywhere over the clothes though they often politely ask before and if they do. Customers who extend the same courtesy to the women probably get the best service especially if they visit again in the future. Drinks are provided free. Customers who don’t extend their session will be politely asked to gather their things and head out the door when their session is finished.

Pretty Getter Ikebukuro is open every day from 6 pm to late. Here is the Pretty Getter Ikebukuro website which contains a map of the shop’s location.


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