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Asian Girls on FapperChat

FapperChat is a new webcam site I just found out about. There are some truly beautiful and sex Asian women there. So I had to tell you about it. This isn’t the kind of thing I want to keep to myself.

Years ago we thought it was amazing when we first saw live cam footage broadcast over the internet. It seemed like something futuristic. In the old sci-fi movies and even cartoons they would show video calls. When live chat started it was grainy and slow, with lots of buffering. But we were still blown away.

Of course it didn’t take any time for people to take live video streaming and use it for sex. Some people even argue that porn is behind most technology development including the VCR. So it could be true.

At this point there are lots and lots of webcam sites out there. But for those of us who are fans of Asian models our options are still surprisingly limited. There are basically two websites that focus on Japanese models. The rest just have Asian models sprinkled in with the others. Even some of the biggest cam sites today only have a couple of Asian models.

That’s why I was so happy to find the FapperChat Asian Girls section. It is a clean website interface with a bunch of Asian cam models up front and easy to access. You can preview them on the main page then jump right into any of their rooms with just a click or tap.

The first time I looked at FapperChat it seemed like the models were mainly from the Philippines. That’s fine with me. Watching some hot Filipinas undress and get naughty on video is actually better than wasting money on Pinays in a Tokyo girls bar in my opinion.

But I was even more impressed when I came back to the site a little later and saw all sorts of other Asian women. I have definitely seen a couple of Korean and Chinese chicks modeling there. And I found a couple of Japanese babes too.

So there is a good variety of Asian chicks at FapperChat. They’re all there in one place and you don’t have to go hunting around for Asian models. Another thing that makes the site great is that it’s all English. You expect that from the UK domain name. But it’s still nice. You don’t have to pull out your Japanese skills just to watch a cam show.

People always say porn is dying. It is definitely not what it was in the 1990’s. But AV still sells, at least in Japan. I hear that profits are down, but studios continue to crank out DVDs. Stores are filled with them. So people are definitely buying them.

I rarely buy porn anymore. I definitely don’t buy DVDs or Blu-Ray disks. But I do spend money on live cam shows. And I am not ashamed of it. At least I can fap off when I am home. It’s better in some ways than going to an oppai pub, spending a bunch of money, and going home with nothing more than blue balls.

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