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Wellcum Spa for Men in Austria

Woman at Austrian FKK club
As regular readers of this site know Japan has one of the largest commercial sex industries in the world. While Japanese porn and male sex toys from Japan are world famous foreigners seem to know less about the huge number of sex services available in the land of the rising sun that range from things like soaplands to pinsaros that specialize in oral sex.

Even though Japan appears to be liberal in this regard there are some rules in place that may be difficult for many foreigners and even some locals to understand. The most well known is probably the censorship of Japanese adult video but there are others. As I’ve explained many times in the past it is legal for women to sell sexual services such as oral, anal and hand jobs in Japan, but vaginal intercourse is illegal. The practice is grandfathered into some soaplands and more than a few providers break the rules and do it anyway, but that is the reality. In many Western European countries there are no such laws. Pimping is usually outlawed but women are free to use their bodies to make money in any way they see fit.

Although guys in Japan have numerous options for release many still travel to other parts of the world such as Thailand and Germany at least in part because it in enables them to buy more from women than they may be able to do in their homeland. A fair number of foreigners working in Japan also travel to such countries in their free time. I can’t speak to their motivations but I think it is safe to imagine that at least some are looking for adult fun that they are either unable to find in Japan or unable to access due to local policies that forbid gaijin from entry.

The Wellcum Spa For Men is located in Austria. It is situated in a town called Hohenthurn that is right over the border from both Italy and Slovenia. A beautiful river and snow capped mountain range surround the place. The place itself is filled with hot women from around Europe who are looking for guys to have sex with for money. It is easy to see why guys would travel from Japan or anywhere else in the world to visit Wellcum.

Wellcum Spa is a FKK club. These exist in Germany and Austria. Guys and women both pay an entry fee to gain access to these clubs. This allows them to use all of the facilities and get unlimited food and drink. It also allows them to mingle and meet. The women usually walk around nude or in lingerie and have sex with guys for an established rate. The prices are much lower than they are in Japan for similar or even lesser services. The entry fee at Wellcum is 85 Euro (10360 Yen) and the women ask for less than that for a private session. They also walk around naked. Guys usually wear a robe or a towel but since it is a nudist club in essence all sorts of things may be seen at any time.

Women who work at the spa reportedly have full medical checks every six weeks. Some places in Japan have a similar policy. Many do not. The biggest difference is that the women in Japan work for the businesses where they ply their trade. At Wellcum Spa the women are self employed. They pay an entry fee just like the male guests.

As mentioned there are many FKK clubs in Germany speaking Europe. The Wellcum Spa bills itself as being “the largest Wellness and Spa FKK Club and Hotel in Austria.” At 7000 square meters it is hard to see how any club could be bigger. The place has everything including a large outdoor play area and swimming pool along with all the other accoutrements like a buffet that is free for all guests. Although it is in the mountains of Austria and close to skiing and such the place maintains a heated pool that is open year round. There is also a steam bath, two Finnish saunas and other places to warm to up.

The Wellcum Spa for Men is open every day except Christmas Eve. From Sunday to Thursday it opens at noon and closes at 1:30 AM. On Friday and Saturday it is open from noon until 3:00 AM. Its physical address is Flussstrasse 1, 9601 Hohenthurn, AUSTRIA. Its website is

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