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Cream Lemon in Yoshiwara

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Cream Lemon is a soapland in the Yoshiwara section of Tokyo. Cream Lemon is unique in that it offers low prices in comparison with its competitors and charges no extra fees for foreign customers.

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Most soaplands tend to turn away foreign customers. Most of the places that do accept non-Japanese guys charge what is colloquially known as a “gaijin tax”. At Cream Lemon, foreign customers pay the same amount as local Japanese guys.

Cream Lemon has a neon sign over its entrance. The sign is not in English. It is in Japanese. That said, the sign is shaped like a giant glowing lemon so it is something that even the illiterate could find if need be.

While Cream Lemon is open to foreign customers there may be limitations. Entrance seems to be up to the discretion of the door men. Sometimes they ask customers if they can speak Japanese or inquire as to their country of origin. If they don’t like the answers they can simply refuse entrance.

Customers who gain access to Cream Lemon select a service provider and a session length at the front desk. The majority of the women at Cream Lemon are not available to foreign customers. The gals who do work with foreigners tend to be less attractive or larger than most others on staff.

The fees at Cream Lemon vary with the length of session. A forty minute session is 14,000 Yen ($130 USD). A ninety minute session is 30,000 Yen ($279 USD). After paying the fee, they move on to a waiting room.

The waiting room at Cream Lemon looks like a scaled down version of the lounges in Macau saunas such as Familia Nobre. The private rooms look like the quarters in most nearby soaplands.

Sessions typically include bathing, kissing, touching, oral and full service. Free drinks are also usually provided.

Cream Lemon is open every day from 6:00 am to midnight. Here is the Cream Lemon website. There is a map on the website.

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