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Dolce in Yoshiwara

Dolce is a school girl themed soapland in the Yoshiwara soapland district of Tokyo. While some foreigners say they have been rejected from Dolce, the place normally seems to admit customers who can speak enough Japanese to book a session.

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Dolce has more signage than some of the more discreet soaplands in the area. That includes yellow and pink flashing neon signs with the name spelled out in big letters. The place would be tough to miss.

Prices at Dolce are reasonable compared to some other shops. A fifty minute session at Dolce is is 17,000 Yen ($158 USD). An eighty minute session is 26,000 Yen ($242 USD). A one hundred minute session is 31,000 Yen ($289 USD). Foreigners also have to pay an extra 5,000 Yen ($46 USD) gaijin fee. Payment is made up front.

Dolce prides itself on hiring only good looking petite women in their early twenties. For the most part they seem to be true to their word. Most of the women at Dolce will not work with foreigners however. So foreign customers who visit Dolce are usually limited to one or perhaps two of the available women on staff.

The photos are statistics show by Dolce are relatively accurate by Yoshiwara standards. Still there is a lot of editing of photographs and smudging of the numbers. The women wear school style uniforms when meeting customers though they soon take them off in the room.

Service typically includes bathing, kissing, touching, oral sex and full service. Sessions also include free drinks and a ride to a nearby train station.

Dolce is open every day from 9:00 AM to midnight. Here is the Dolce website. There is a map on the website.

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