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Don Juan in Shinjuku

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Don Juan is a high end soapland in the infamous Kabukicho section of Tokyo. It is not located in the more well known soapland district of Yoshiwara. Don Juan is highly regarded among soapland aficionados and service carries a very steep price tag.

Don Juan soapland prostitute

Don Juan is definitely not oriented toward foreigners. The place is geared towards local Japanese guys with expendable income and that is the main customer base. Still, Don Juan does accept foreigners who agree to pay for a somewhat long session at a somewhat high price.

There are no English speaking staff at Don Juan. That means that foreign customers who want to visit either have to speak sufficient Japanese themselves or visit the shop with someone who does. The minimum session available to non-Japanese customers is a 120 minute appointment that costs 85,000 Yen ($793 USD).

The management at Don Juan does go as far as having a sheet of rules printed in English. This is given to foreign customers to read before any sessions. It is assumed that there will be no confusion if the rules are printed in English.

Don Juan is known to employ very good looking women who know their way around a soapland room. These gals are renown for their skills on and off the nuru nuru mat. That is partially why the place has been able to stay in business for so long even with rates that are as much as four times more than some lower level places. Don Juan is considered to be a “luxury soapland” by locals.

Standard service at Don Juan includes an “instant blowjob”, which means some oral sex before showering, followed by mutual bathing, mat play, french kissing, mutual oral and full service. Things can vary depending on the situation, but this is more or less a set course.

Foreigners may not be able to chose their provider at Don Juan. At the very least they may be limited in their choices depending on which women on staff are willing to work with foreigners. This is more or less the norm at the few soaplands in Japan which openly accept foreigners.

Don Juan is open every day from 6:00 am to midnight. Here is the Don Juan website. There is a map on the website.

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