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DVD released revealing the ways of the soapland

Soapland is a term used to describe a major section of Japan’s sex industry. They began as simply bath houses where women washed the bodies of men and changed into something different when explicit prostitution became illegal in Japan. Soapland bathhouses are establishments that are essentially brothels that sometimes offer full sex. They have traditionally been used to work around the law that forbids sexual intercourse for money. Many soapland establishments rely on sex acts that do not involve penetration to help the client achieve an orgasm. Soapland services usually begin in the tub and continue on a bath mat. The services are then finished in the bed. There are a wide variety of services that go on in between that are covered in a set of videos that is now being re-released on DVD.

The fascinating and titillating look at classic style soapland bathhouses has been released on DVD and fans of the niche could not be more excited. The first soapland bathhouses were established in Tokyo in 1951, specifically in the Higashi Ginza area. These establishments offer a variety of unique services that are sexual in nature. The ladies are commonly referred to as “foam princesses”. The special techniques that the girls in each bathhouse used were once passed down from girl to girl and they stayed mostly exclusive to their bathhouse. It is much different these days because most of the girls in modern soapland bathhouses work part-time. The original VHS set of movies came out in the mid-nineties and became very popular. They successfully captured the soapland bathhouses the way they once were when each set of soapland girls had their own unique set of services. The set was first revived in 2011 and was recently released on DVD to bring the bygone era to a modern audience.

The series comes in a 6 disc set with each volume containing as much as two hours of a steamy and informative look into the way that soapland bathhouses were back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This was before there was a surge in popularity in which part-time girls began taking over the industry making the services less unique or exclusive. Volume one is the “Sapporo Susukino Edition”. It features Miss Anna with a 2 hour runtime and techniques such as “big clock”, “ice play”, and “milk periscope”. Volume two is the “Yoshiwara Tokyo Edition”. It features Miss Miki with a 2 hour runtime and techniques like “lewd chair” skills. Volume three is the “Chiba Sakae Guide”. It features Miss Harumi-Kotomi with a 2 hour runtime and techniques like “motorcycle play” and the “chair mat bed”. Volume four is the “Kawasaki Horinouchi Edition”. It features Yurijo with 1 hour 38 minute runtime and techniques like “immediate scale”. Volume five is the “Fukuoka Nakasu Edition”. It features Yuriko and Miss Chigusa with a 1 hour 50 minute runtime and techniques like “Hakata Yamakasa strong-arm tactics” performed with 4 men and women. The sixth and final volume is the “Gifu Kanazu Garden Shiga Ogoto Edition”. It features Miss Eli Kazumi with a 2 hour runtime and techniques like “Kanazu Garden collar play”.

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