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EXE in Yoshiwara

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EXE is a soapland in the Yoshiwara section of Tokyo. Yoshiwara is of course famous as a sort of historic red light district that has been around for hundreds of years. Yoshiwara soaplands are known for being some of the only sex shops in Japan that consistently offer full service as a matter of course.

EXE soapland girl

EXE is known as being a high class soapland, but that mainly seems to pertain to the women who work in the soapland. They are among the most attractive of all the Yoshiwara ladies. The facilities at EXE are not necessarily top of the line. In fact they are rather basic.

The skills demonstrated by the women who work at EXE aren’t top notch either. Indeed, the admittedly attractive women who work at EXE don’t know how to do the famous soapy body to body slide that Japanese soaplands are known for.

All of this means that EXE is more or less an expensive brothel with some of the better looking women in the area on staff. EXE does have the requisite bathing facilities to officially make it a soapland, but it can hardly be said to offer the traditional Japanese soapland experience.

EXE is not oriented to foreigners at all. That said, they do accept foreign customers in some cases. They even have staff able to speak languages other than Japanese. That doesn’t mean that every guy who walks in is accepted by every person on staff. There might be people who refuse to work with gaijin.

A 110 minute session at EXE costs 25,000 Yen ($233 USD) for the house or bathing fee. Customers are required to give an additional amount of money to the service providers who they visit with. There can also be a foreigner tax. In total, sessions at EXE end up costing around 70,000 Yen ($653 USD) in total.

EXE is open every day from noon to midnight. Here is the EXE website. There is a map on the website.

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