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Gira Gira Girls in Kabukicho

bikini bar in tokyo japan
A common sight in the club.
Gira Gira Girls is a famous show pub in the infamous Kabukicho section of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward. The place is located next to the even more famous Robot Show. Signs indicate the entrance but the two places are close enough to each other that confusion still occurs.

There are many “cabaret” or kyabakura style hostess clubs in Tokyo. Guys pay big money to sit and talk with attractive women though they almost never get anything more than that.

Foreigners are not allowed in most of these clubs unless they can speak Japanese. Even though who can speak Japanese are not allowed in many of the clubs if they are not of Japanese ethnicity. Gira Gira Girls is fine with foreign customers who either arrive with Japanese friends or can speak Japanese themselves.

A lot of the women inside the bar can speak some English. A few are even fluent as a result of international travel or study. The women seem to take a real interest in foreigners even when they can’t speak any English at all.

Gira Gira Girls operates on its own model. It is a hybrid between a go go bar and a hostess bar. The lobby is large and shiny. The hallway downstairs to the main room is even more elaborate. It’s covered in all sorts of decorations as well as many bright lights and colors.

The actual bar downstairs is very large. It has a huge stage down one side and many tables throughout the rest of the bar. Dozens of Japanese women and quite a few “half-Japanese” women hang around the bar in bikinis and lingerie. A look at the women can be seen on the bar’s website gallery and Instagram profile. The bar also has a Youtube channel.

There are regular shows every night when the women get up and dance around the bar while a select few do go go style shows on stage. Some also work the large chrome poles installed on either side of the stage. Things can get wild during the show with the women groping and kissing customers but the ladies never get nude.

In between dance shows the ladies hang out with customers. Each lady usually sits with a customer. Other available ladies stand on stage waiting for new customers. Some customers spend extra to sit with several ladies of their choosing. Others pay the basic entrance fee and have ladies rotated around to them every ten or fifteen minutes.

The pricing at Gira Gira girls is clearly marked but still confusing. Customers have to pay a cover charge. Then there are additional fees for drinks, buying drinks for the ladies inside, food and more. There is also a 15 percent tax and service charge attached to every bill. The place is not incredibly expensive especially by Tokyo standards.

Gira Gira Girls is a well known place with regular shows. It’s not necessarily a “sexual shop”. Officially customers aren’t allowed to touch the women in the bar but it’s usual to see interaction that sometimes includes women sitting in the laps of customers. In nearly all cases women who work in Gira Gira Girls don’t meet customers outside of the bar.

Gira Gira Girls. Basement Floor 1, 1 Chome-7-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Open seven days a week, 7:00PM – late night. Phone: +81 03-3200-5566 Website: Click here for map.

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