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Hot Point Villa in Fukuoka

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Hot Point Villa is a soapland in Fukuoka. While the place is very clearly oriented towards local guys they do accept foreign customers. There was a time not long ago when nearly every adult oriented business in Fukuoka forbade gaijin so this is quite a development.

hotpoint villa soapland

The staff at Hot Point Villa is all Japanese. As it would follow they speak Japanese. They do seem willing to work with people who struggle with the Japanese language though it is anyone’s guess whether or not they would accept a customer who spoke no Japanese at all.

The usual reason given by fuzoku businesses to exclude foreigners is that non-Japanese people won’t be able to understand the rules or communicate. Other times it comes down to pure discrimination. There are many places that forbid non-Japanese customers even if they are Asian and fluent in the local language. Things do seem to be changing slowly but surely, but it’s unlikely the entire industry will suddenly become gaijin friendly any time soon.

In any event Hot Point Villa is a fairly standard soapland. They offer short 30 minute sessions to foreigners with a lot of fees attached. First is the bathing fee of 11,000 Yen ($103 USD) that goes to the house. After that customers have to pay a 10,000 Yen Gaijin tax. Finally customers are expected to pay a service fee of 27,000 Yen ($252 USD) to their provider. In total that means even a very brief session with no mat play costs around 48,000 Yen ($448 USD) for foreigners.

The women on staff at Hot Point Villa are fairly attractive but they tend to be in their thirties or even forties. That is despite the ages listed on the website and in the shop. Like the photos shown to customers, the statistics are modified to be appealing.

Service at Hot Point Villa is like any other soapland. Typically that means customers get washed and touched all over before receiving oral and full service. There’s not much more too it than that.

Hot Point Villa is open every day from noon to midnight. Here is the Hot Point Villa website. There is a map on the website.

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