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Japanese Flight Attendants Say They Charge Pilots for Sex to Make Up for Low Wages

The wages of Japanese stewardesses has been on a steady decline since 2004. Some of them say that they have no other choice than to prostitute themselves in order to make up for their cut in pay.

More than a few flight attendants have come forward and said that pilots pay them for sex on a regular basis. They reported the claims to Shukan Post, but requested to remain unnamed.

The position of flight attendant is highly sought after for women in Japan. Thousands of women apply each year in hopes of getting their dream job aboard a plane flying all over the world, but only a few get in.

Once they get in; they are met with long hours and low wages. This is the reason that the women give to explain why they agreed to have sex with pilots for money.

One stewardess claimed that the women who wanted to make extra money would give their number to a senior stewardess who acted as a sort of pimp. Some of the pilots even worked out a system of hand signals to show the ladies that they wanted sex and how much they would pay for it.

Some of the women would work for prostitution rings that would specialize in a specific niche like stewardesses.

The pilots would choose the stewardess they wanted to have sex with during pre-flight checks. They would give them signals with their fingers while the women were lined up in front of them.

The stewardesses who came forward said that the pilots would place their fingers on their nose to indicate how much they would pay for sex. Each finger represented 10,000 Yen ($84 USD).

The women said that those who were under 30 would get the most money from the pilots for sex. Some of them would work part time as bar hostesses or party companions in prominent sections of Tokyo to earn money.

One stewardess started working for an airline in 2007 and found out that a “prostitution circle” had existed years before she arrived. The leader was claimed to have been fired when upper management found out about it.

This stewardess also said that, even though the leader was terminated, many of the women in the prostitution circle still work for the company. This means that the circle is probably still intact.


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