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Japanese Sex doll clubs expand to China

where to buy Japanese sex dollsWhen you hear the term “Japanese sex doll” you probably think of an inflatable sex doll or some type of life-size toy. The sex dolls in Japan are so much more than a toy. They give you a sexual experience that is so realistic; people are flocking to sex doll clubs that are popping up all over Japan. These high quality love dolls are made of silicon and are designed with a high attention to detail. They look and feel real and an increasing number of men are frequenting these sex doll clubs to fulfill their sexual fantasies without actually having to pay for sex.

These impressive creations were originally developed for disabled men over 30 years ago. They provided men with various disabilities the feeling of being with a beautiful woman. The realism of the sex dolls evolved over the years and it was only a matter of time before they became popular among healthy single men and even married men who don’t get enough sex from their wives. A major reason why they became so popular in Japan is the fascination with manga and anime, especially among single men. These realistic sex dolls could be dressed up like their favorite manga or anime characters and the men could get the full and immersive fantasy of being with these characters sexually. This is a major draw of Japanese sex doll clubs.

One of the main reasons men go to sex doll clubs is because the dolls are much too expensive for men with a modest income. A brand new silicon sex doll costs about $6,000 and that doesn’t count the purchase of clothes, accessories and replaceable holes. The sex doll clubs aren’t inexpensive either, but they are a far cry from the full price. Men end up paying just as much as they would to take out a real woman, which they gladly do for the fantasy and the release. Another thing that has made sex doll clubs popular are the shy and awkward men who have trouble talking to girls. Many shy men who are not able to approach beautiful woman can have the experience of having sex with them without having to say a word.

Some men go to these clubs so they can try out a sex doll before they buy one. The clubs offer a variety of outfits, but you also have the choice of bringing your own outfits to put on your doll. It is also a safe and clean way to have a sexual release. If you are worried about hygiene; the Japanese sex doll clubs have you covered. The holes that are used for sex in these dolls are removable so there are new holes inserted into the dolls after each use. Most companies even encourage you to keep the hole that you use as a souvenir. Besides replacing the holes; they also disinfect the dolls and give them a germicidal treatment after each use. Other companies will even rent a sex doll to you and send it to your house. They even set up photo shoots where clients can pay to take pictures of the doll with their favorite outfit on or take pictures with it. They usually have different levels of rentals that get more expensive the more time you spend with the doll. You can rent a love doll anywhere from one hour to three days.

The Japanese have been enjoying sex dolls for years, but China is only recently having their own love affair with them. Once Chinese men began using them, it wasn’t long before they started making their own sex dolls and even trying to improve their original design. It’s no wonder that sex dolls are becoming so popular in China despite the puritanical communist party. China has a one child policy that has led to a population of a lot more men than women. The sex dolls provide a release for any man who has trouble getting real women to have sex with him whether it be because of his looks, personality or simply being in an area where the competition is fierce. At sex doll clubs, there is no competition. The sex dolls are as close as you can get to a real woman and the clubs give men a chance to enjoy the experience without paying an outrageous amount to own one.

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