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Kinpeibai in Yoshiwara

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Kinpeibai is a somewhat low end soapland in the famed Yoshiwara neighborhood of Tokyo. Kinpeibai is totally open to foreigners and even has a foreign guy working along with the Japanese staff at the front desk. This African tout speaks both English and Japanese and seems to be in charge of setting up sessions for foreigners.

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A seventy minute session an Kinpeibai is 38,000 Yen ($354 USD) for foreigners. This includes a 10,000 Yen gaijin tax that is charged by a lot of soaplands in Tokyo. This session is very strongly recommended to foreign customers by the staff. It is pushed to the point that foreign customers may think there are no other options available.

On top of the gaijin tax, the English speaking man on staff is known to pressure customers for tip. Apparently this “tip” is meant to reward him for holding out two or three pictures showing who is available at the time.

Kinpeibai is laid out like most soaplands. Service is the same too. Most sessions include bathing, mutual touching, kissing, oral and full service. Some of the women are also up for doing full service without protection and will not even reach for a rubber unless it is specifically requested by the customer. Such “no skin” service isn’t uncommon in Japan soaplands, but it isn’t usually offered to foreigners even at gaijin friendly soaplands.

As a low end soapland with relatively low rates, Kinpeibai is not known for hiring the best looking women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but most who have been to Kinpeibai agree that the ladies who work there aren’t very attractive. Of course there are exceptions.

At the very least everyone who is honest can admit that the photographs used by Kinpeibai are very heavily edited. The information listed in the profiles isn’t accurate either. The women working at Kinpeibai are almost universally larger and older than described.

Kinpeibai is open every day from noon to midnight. Here is the Kinpeibai website. There is a map on the website.

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