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Landmark in Yoshiwara

Landmark is a legendary high end soapland in the fabled Yoshiwara section of Tokyo. Landmark is well known by locals and foreigners as one of the top soaplands in the country. The prices correspond to the reputation.

Landmark soapland prostitute

The shop is located inside of a white building with a stone exterior. Th word “Landmark” is displayed clearly in English on a large sign above the entrance.

Landmark is known to hire Japanese porn stars. With so many women going in and out of porn in Japan they have a large pool of perspective employees to choose from. These AV actresses can make serious money seeing multiple customers per day. Some guys get off on being with women they have seen on video. Others just like to be with good looking or experienced women.

Although the shop is very clearly oriented towards Japanese customers, Landmark is actually open to foreigners. The guys who work the door and the front desk are even capable and willing to communicate with non-Japanese customers in the English language. Strangely however, there are times when any and all foreigners seem to be turned away. So the acceptance of foreigners may have something to do with timing or luck. Or it may just come down to who is working the door.

The standard session for foreigners at Landmark lasts 120 minutes and costs 77,000 Yen ($719 USD). That is the same rate charged by the previously described Satin Doll. A shorter 100 minute session is also available at 60,000 Yen ($560) by request.

There are many women working at Landmark. Nearly all of them would be considered attractive by most guys. Some of them may even be described as stellar. Not all of the women at Landmark work with foreigners. Some do not.

Appointments at Landmark normally include mutual bathing, kissing, touching, nuru nuru mat play, oral and full service. Things can depend on the exact situation and circumstances. Customers always get the full amount of time they pay for. In most cases guys are able to get off as many times as possible in their allotted time. Free drinks are provided.

Landmark is open every day from noon to midnight. Here is the Landmark website. There is a map on the website.

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