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Japan is known around the world as one of the most digitized and tech savvy countries to be found. Yet the truth doesn’t always match up with the reality. While you can find neon lights all over the country, finding Wi-Fi can still be difficult even in a megalopolis like Tokyo. Thankfully, it is not that hard to find live naked girls from Japan however. At least not anymore.

I remember seeing people walking around with flip phones when I was already on my third smartphone. In fact I still see those silver flip phones in Tokyo from time to time. Even now you can forget about finding Samsung smartphones here. Even though they are the most popular and best selling phones in the world, you will never see any in the land of the rising sun. That’s probably just because they are made by Samsung, which is based in South Korea. Apple Iphones are all the rage in Japan. Apple is of course based in America. By and large Japanese people look up to the United States but turn their nose up at the other country.

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Japanese AV is popular all over the earth. There is no country where you don’t find people watching at least some of the amazing porn that comes out of Japan. I don’t think nearly as many people watch porno cams out of Japan though. I think the reason is that people just can’t find them. Another contributing factor would have to be that most Japanese people do not speak English well. Or at least are too shy to speak it publically let alone on an internet broadcast that can be recorded and kept forever.

I recall when the hafu porn star Maria Ozawa spoke English in one of her AV videos then again in another video interview. Netizens went wild. These days I think she lives in the Philippines where she regularly speaks English including on television shows and movies. I can’t be sure though. Like other heterosexual men I was extremely interested in the porno she did but even slightly interested in mainstream dramas featuring Maria. Sorry, but it’s true. I still love you Maria, let’s date sometime!

I would actually rather chat with Milfs than watch any kind of Asian drama featuring anyone! Hey, what can I say? That’s why I write for this website and not another like Drama Panda. If you have a beating heart and functioning penis, I don’t see how you could fault me for this. Especially now when there are so many hot Japanese cougars strolling around.

Years of sexless and loveless marriages followed by a female job an income boom and subsequent rise in male grass eaters staying home with their mommies has formed a virtual army of childless Japanese women who continue to maintain their good looks and hot bodies. The average 45 year old Japanese woman you find in Tokyo today is almost certainly better looking than the average 35 year old you would find in a place like Regina. Trust me, I have put in the foot work to make this assessment. If you don’t believe me just find some naked Japanese women livestreams and behold.

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