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Pururungang in Ikebukuro

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Pururungang is a big breast themed hotel health operation in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. The management requires all women to work at the facility to have at least a Japanese D cup. As with most places hiring busty women, in practice that means that a lot of large and even overweight women work in the shop.

oppai fetish ikebukuro

Pururungang is open to foreigners. The front desk staff that does the bookings speaks Japanese but some of them can also manage enough English to work with foreigners. Some of the women on staff work with foreigners but others do not. The staff usually check with women individually if a customer requests them.

To book a session at Pururungang customers can either call ahead and make an appointment or simply walk into the office. Even those who call ahead do have to check in to the office at the beginning of their sessions.

After selecting a service provider and a session length, customers are then sent to one of the many local love hotels. Once they check in and get in a private room, they call back to the shop to give them the detail. Soon after, they are joined by the service provider they selected.

Sessions are priced according to length. A 50 minute session is 14,000 Yen ($130 USD). A 120 minute session is 33,000 Yen ($308 USD). There is a nomination fee for customers who select their own service provider rather than going with whoever the shop selects. There is also a one time membership fee for new customers, but that fee is waved for anyone who says they looked at the Pururungang website.

There are no set rules as to how things go in private, but typically customers are washed then receive oral sex or sumata to completion. Customers are usually able to touch, lick, suck and fuck their providers tits too.

Full service is not permitted by the shop or by law. Due to the strange laws of Japan, anal sex can be provided and there actually are some women at Pururungang who offer “AF”. There are also women who provide full service in the privacy of a room when they feel comfortable but it is not technically permitted and customers can have problems by even asking.

Pururungang is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 am. Here is the Pururungang website. There is a map on the website.

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