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Putit Royal in Yoshiwara

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Putit Royal is a foreigner friendly soapland in the famed Yoshiwara district of Tokyo. Putit Royal is located right next to the previously detailed Darling Harbour. In fact, the two shops share the same ownership.

Putit Royal soapland worker

As mentioned, Putit Royal is open to foreigners but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every non-Japanese guy who walks in will be served at all times. Some women on staff might not want to work with foreigners and there are even stories of guys being turned away for being from “the wrong” country.

That said, Putit Royal seems to try to work with most foreigners. They have people on staff who can speak English and perhaps some other languages too. The service providers are less likely to speak foreign languages but at least a few of them can muster up some English in a bind.

Like New York New York and Secret Touch in Ikebukuro, Putit Royal is staffed mainly by middle aged and older women. The younger women seem to be assigned to Darling Harbour while the older ladies are brought to work at Putit Royal.

After customers enter they are asked to select one of the available service providers from some very heavily edited pictures. The statistics listed with the pictures aren’t accurate either.

Customers are expected to pay up front, which is normal for Japanese soaplands. A 90 minute session at Putit Royal is 25000 Yen ($233 USD). The building has been around for some time but everything is kept clean.

The women at Putit Royal aren’t the best looking in the industry but they are skilled and service oriented. Unlike the nearby EXE soapland* which hires mostly good looking women, the gals at Putit Royal know the routine from front to back and know how to do the soapy body to body “mat play” service perfectly.

As with any real soapland, sessions at Putit Royal normally include oral and full service. They also go the full time allotted. There is no shorting on sessions. Free drinks are including with each session. Putit Royal also offers customers a free ride to a nearby train station.

Putit Royal is open every day from 6:00 am to midnight. Here is the Putit Royal website. There is a map on the website.

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