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Anybody with a sense of adventure should visit Tobita Shinchi in Osaka at least once in their life. This is a district where the “no brothels, no prostitution” laws are happily ignored, for the sake of keeping the peace. (And there is a police station in the middle of it which does a very good job of ignoring them.) The area pre-dates the no-prostitution laws and nobody has been brave enough to close it; it is rumoured that the current mayor has an interest in the area, so long may he reign!

Osaka red light district foreigners

Tobita Shinchi is like old-style Amsterdam: young women sit or kneel in brilliantly-lit doorways, while a mama-san sits with each one and greets passers-by. A proportion of them ignore foreigners, while some wave politely and others wave enthusiastically – obviously, these ones are gianjin-friendly. There are no touts and no pimps visible (but I suppose they have an interest behind the scenes). Some of the women wear really interesting costumes.

I saw one lady of about 30 who was absolutely gorgeous. Fortunately her mama-san was enthusiastic towards me, so I approached. I always carry a small pocket calculator which I gave her, and she entered a price of 11,000 yen, which I thought was fair value. This is her price for everybody; there is no foreigner surcharge (there is a big sign in her room upstairs saying 11,000 yen).

Tobita Shinchi red light district foreigners

You leave your shoes downstairs with the mama-san; she gives you slippers to go upstairs. Service was excellent and unhurried, though when she took her clothes off she was a bit more worn than she looked with her clothes on. But no complaints, she was still gorgeous and I went back next night for seconds. Walking around afterwards I saw some ladies in their early 20s and some in their 40s and 50s; I have no idea whether 11,000 yen is the standard price or just my lady’s price. I wouldn’t pay it for some of the older ones, but could still be interested if they are cheaper. I would certainly pay a bit more for a couple of the younger ones.

To get there: take the subway on the Hanimachi line to Abeno. Take the platform exit at the front of the train; and take station exit number 7. Turn right when you hit the street, and turn right at the first cross-street about 50 metres away. You will see an overhead motorway above you to your left. Go down the hill for about 500 metres until you pass underneath the motorway, then take any of the next 5 or 6 alleyways on your right to enter Tobita Shinchi. The district is about 6 blocks long and 6 blocks wide. There is a taxi area around a food stand if you don’t fancy walking back up the hill afterwards.

If you’d like a better view of the area you can view this video.

64 thoughts on “Report on the TOBITA SHINCHI RED-LIGHT DISTRICT in OSAKA”

  1. Thanks for the post. I live in Japan now and will be going to Osaka this week. I might head over to this place and have a look.

  2. I went to Osaka for a weekend on my vacation. I checked this place out and was surprised how it was. Best time to visit for me was the middle or late afternoon. Lots of mama-sans waved at me. Got to meet a very cute young girl and went back again the next day. It was worth the trip.

    1. The majority of them accept white men – at least half the mamasans waved enthusiastically at me, and you can see from my photos in the Strip Club Appreciation articles that there’s no mistaking I’m white. It’s a community of sole traders, most of whom are more broad-minded than your average doorman.

  3. …Thanks for the info…black guy your adventures did you manage to see other black guys fishing with any luck? What are my chances…winter is coming and Japan is a lonely place..a men needs a warm bed

    1. Sorry Shav, did not see any so can’t advise either way. But money talks and speaks all languages, so why not wander around mid-week when it’s quiet and money is in short supply, make eye contact and smile at the provider rather than the mamasan, and see what happens and report back. You are far more likely to get a yes when the decision maker is the one who loses money for saying no.

  4. Sorry if my English is poor. I just want to ask, if let say after I pay for to do sex with the girl, can I ask the girl to do oral sex without wearing condom? Can I also do anal sex with her? (is it normal or forbidden). And the most important question I want to ask, on the time of climax, can I take off my condom and cum inside her mouth? I know this question sound stupid, but let just be open since this is a forum session, anyone here can give your opinion? (based on your experience) think you.

    1. Sorry Romeo Lee, I only report on what I find; I don’t compile an encyclopedia of everything. When your preferred service is so precise you wiill have to try for yourself.

    2. There is no OWO, no facials, anal or pretty much anything else you see in porn. This is a straight FS area. any attempt of such will end up with you getting beat up by the local enforcers.

  5. I imagine it’s short time; I don’t speak Japanese and although my provider spoke schoolgirl English she didn’t try and up-sell me. I have read elsewhere that you can pay more for longer but I am a short time love ’em leave ’em guy – if I want more I go back later fully recovered. But as I said in the article she didn’t hurry me – she was so cute I didn’t need much encouragement at all.

    1. That’s extremly expensive. How do they expect me to cum in 15 minutes? That’s barely foreplay. Other brothels in japan charge 25000 for an hour.

      1. Have you even been to Japan? It’s dirt cheap for what you’re getting. Unless you’re native Japanese you can only go to soapland in Tokyo for FS (Many shops still reject foreigner and the ones that do charge at least 10K more). Even there you’ll pay 25K yen for 1 hour with either an older lady or uglier one. I went to Tobita Shinchi 4 times in 2 days when I visited Osaka, all 4 times with cute girls in early twenties. 20 minutes is enough because there is no shower or massage, it’s 100% action.

  6. is there any “yakuza” or “mafia” that guiding the place ? Im afraid while leaving that place , someone will follow me and end up with me getting beat up ?

    1. I guess anything is possible but I’ve never heard of such a thing in all of my years of traveling to Japan. The crime rate in Japan is lower than almost any other place on earth and foreigners almost have to go out of their way to have a problem. Cheers.

      1. I’m sure if you mistreat a lady, you will be somehow “advised” of the error of your ways, probably by someone from the on-site police post. And there are rumours that the current or former Mayor of Osaka (I can’t keep up with local politics), who heads the Tobita Shinchi “Restaurant Association” has yakuza connections and indeed admits that his father was a yakuza member. (All the houses are licenced as restaurants, the same as pinsaros everywhere). As for leaving safely, the streets are well-lit; there are no disreputable guys lurking around (the most disreputable guy I saw was myself), and there is a taxi stand by the food stall and it had a queue of taxis on both my visits – and they’re licensed, fully checked out and safe. If that’s not safe enough for you in the most crime-free nation on earth,, maybe you shouldn’t leave the house. (And I know thieves and robbers are not the brightest people on earth and there is always a risk if you are not in control of your sobriety,, but why would they try and rob you AFTER you’ve spent your money and not before???)

    2. Yes the entire place is yakuza owned. There are CCTV at the entries of which at least one is operated by a foreign government to track their citizens there if they attempt to enter. Yakuza runs patrols and if anyone is caught with some kind of camera, they simply cut off his hands with their sword.

    1. I only saw one lady so I can’t speak for the whole precinct. But you should try what’s available when you travel rather than insisting n your favourite menu every time – that’s what makes life so interesting! I recommend Tobita Shinchi as an experience – you don’t go to Japan and insist on fries with everything do you?

    1. Like pinsaros throughout Japan, all the houses are licensed restaurants (you are always offered a snack and a soft drink) and so legally must close at midnight. On a quiet night or in bad weather many ladies might go home earlier, while on a busy night I would not be surprised if they went a little bit longer, but I certainly wouldn’t arrive later expecting the place to be buzzing. The ladies are self-employed sole traders, not employees, so are free to set their own hours within the period that they lease the house.

  7. Hi All-

    Thought I would share my experiences.

    I visited to tobita twice in 2014- had incredible experiences. The area itself is very sketchy – the sketchiest I had ever been to Japan after living there for 5 years. There were a few homeless people and local drunks roaming around early in the afternoon each time I visited.
    However, it’s not a dangerous area – just sketchy and it made me feel uneasy. Anyways, I browsed all the streets and avenues trying not to pass the same place twice so I could scope out all the talent. Each of my visits were early afternoon on a weekday – so it wasn’t super busy at all (very little foot traffic). There were also lots of houses closed – so I suspect going towards the evening or on the weekend is much better. There were some seriously gorgeous young girls though (none looked under 20). I will mention for one of the occasions I chose a beautiful girl with brown hair, gorgeous face, early 20s (my age) and thick thighs yet thin stomach. Man oh man she was nice. She gave me a condomless bj for 5 mins – then put the condom on with her mouth and we got to business. 11000 yen for 15 mins. I don’t think the condomless bj is normal there as the other girl didn’t do that for me (but I didn’t ask). I can speak fluent Japanese and am a white guy – in good shape and really got along well with both girls. Plus both girls were seriously turned on by the fact that I was a foreigner which was amazing. This place is totally worth the visit – I would prefer to go at night as the daytime made me paranoid there. Being a foreigner in such a sketchy area during the day- an area where no foreigners live at all for sure made me uneasy…. But didn’t stop me from going twice!!!

  8. Very accommodating. 21000 yen for 30 minutes. Professional. She put a condom on me and I couldn’t get hard. She let me try and enter her missionary style but I couldn’t get hard

    She then gave me a handjob without the condom and I couldn’t get it. She was 24. I don’t think it was passionate enough. I jerk off to porn everyday. She didn’t dance or do much to turn me on.

    I eventually left barely entering her. I think I need to not jerk off for a week before trying again.

    But wasted a lot of money

  9. I went back again. This time she spoke English. I’m the guy desensitized by porn and got limp a few times. 21 year old. Thin body with nice tits.

    She talked to me. Then licked my nipples. I got limp a few times. She was very nice. Kissed me a lot while jerking me with condom. Every time I got limp. Spent another $210 for 30.

    My brain kept fucking me over. I should relax.

    I grabbed her tits. She rode me. Hugged me afterwards. Was so nice.

    I asked if I could do doggy and she said yes. Did that but I got limp at times. She kept riding me. And groaned.

    She never gave up if I got limp. We tongue kissed as she jerked me off. I relaxed more and then came. She she cleaned me up. I drank tea, got a lollipop. She hugged me as I left. Very Japanese treatment. Many women on display on a rainy holiday evening at 7pm. She said she was off at 1am.

    I’m 32. I guess that counts as sex. Used a condom. She blew me with a condom on.

    She really tried. I disappointed her. I told her she was a model and she was beautiful. She was humble.

    I left and they gave me a bottled soda as well.

    It’s worth it. And I blend in because I’m Asian but not Japanese. It’s a hidden treasure.

    1. Hello what was the girl’s name cos very few of them actually speak English there.
      And 1 am I thought they close at 12am?

  10. I went to Tobita Shinchi at 15:00 today
    After circling the area for like 6 times, I felt like it was time now to find a girl to fuck.

    After going to a spot I checked out very often, a friendly manager with a beautiful girl invited me to go up after taking off my shoes. That girl prepard tea and snacks and went to the room as well. She was pretty and talked to a lot. But I noticed that my time ran so I kept my answers short – The prices ranged from 16 000 for 20 min. I took the course 21 000 for 30min (and I’m glad I did). So I handed her over the money and we got to business after taking our clothes off.

    I lied on top of a small bed and she came to wipe off my pride. After that she wiped herself and put a condom on me – and began doing fellatio. She began making sounds by herself and put herself into the mood. I
    respected that. Perhaps it might be me but I could feel less pleasure when the condom is on. And a few min of sucking she told me “When you feel like putting in, please tell me.” And I was like “Ok, please let me put it in immediately”. And the she came on top of me and had ridden me as hard as she could – it felt good, but I soon told her to change position and I came on top. When I pounded her, it felt even less good. But still I kept pounding her to enjoy the sensation of being inside a pussy. Feels different than I imagined and a lovely warm feeling.
    We changed position again and I wanted to pound her from the side but unsuccessful. So I told her to get on top of me again and she had ridden me pretty good. All of a sudden it felt like heaven (and I was almost on my way to cum but it still wasn’t enough to make me cum). And when I told her to rest a bit, she took it out and we both were surprised – there was no condom on my penis anymore. She realized that the condom got stuck inside her. “Oh this is bad, I need to wash the condom out of my pussy! Sorry for this because it takes away your time.”
    It looked like my penis broke free from the uncomfortable condom. My thoughts? “Damn I could have come inside her…!” When she came back the time was almost up. So I told her to give me a hard blowjob to make me come fast (because I love
    blowjobs) and then after a short while the bell rang. “Shit, I didn’t come yet!” And she realized that, too. And then she took out lotion and put it on my penis and then stroked me very fast (and I helped her by stretching my legs) until I finally came.

    Too bad that I couldn’t stay longer but that was definitely a good experience and fun for me. I would go to that girl again, too the next time. She was very friendly to me after all. I changed in my clothes again and went down to say goodbye to both of them and went off. In the end both Manager and the girl were friendly. I probably would like to go again next time.

    Her scent was on me after the session and I kept smelling it for a while – what a lovely smell.

    My tip for the next time: Don’t fap for at least 1week for optimized pleasure. If you want to make sure, then wait for 2 weeks and go for a longer session with a girl in Tobita like me (30min+).

    1. can you tell me where it was exactly and the name of the girl? mine her name was mirei and she was very bad. she was early 20 years olds. maybe is for that , she was so bad.

      1. I’m thinking of heading down to Osaka during my trip to Japan this summer, I live in Amsterdam and have gotten hookers in the red light district here before however I feel as though it may be a bit more awkward if there’s an old lady sitting by the woman I’m about to bang.

  11. You will lost your money. Girls are cute is true but they hate this job. I pay for 30 min, (21000 yens, it s expensive i thinks) i get out after 20 min. ( 7 min sex only)
    A beautiful young girl , black, hair, beautiful breast . ( the first “shop” after the stair, one where they try to attract gaijin)
    At least you are ugly and virgin, ( sorry guys, but i m pretty) it s not good experience, you can have better in Tokyo , Even if japan it is not good for sex tourism.
    My experience:
    I come ,go at the first floor, she tell me to be naked and she left the room. After be naked and begin to drink, i checked my watch…2 min was passed since i came in the shop. She came back 4 minute after. Before we start , she washed me and , of course, take her time. After some minute and 2 position, she tell me to cum. I ask to change position and said i m sure i had time. She say no , you need time to be dressed . Etc .and… ” oh! The towel is dirty, i will wash” , after 30 sec , i checked my phone… Only 17 min since i enter in the shop. I ask what she do, there is again time. “sorry , the towel is dirty”. ” ok, i understand” . I take my clothes and began to leave and she tell me, “there is again time” . Wtf. i said that to the mama san : i didn t pay 30 min to be outside after 20. ( i show her the time )but she didn t t care about that.
    The other girl laugh. They didn t tell me good bye.
    VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.( i warned you guys). I recommend much more blowjob bar at Tokyo.

    1. After checking some others review, i see there is a ring bell to warn where the time is almost finish…. She really piece if me! ( and understand, why she tell me there is again time, she wanted to win again more time without working). I forget to mention that: i speak japanese. ( jlpt 4, but enought to conmunicate, all the dating was in japanese)

      1. My condolensces… I advice you know that your time is limited and that you need to take every opportunity to make use of it. (and I think you do).
        Instead of letting her get control of the time, you need just to observe her behavior calmly, and when things get out of hand .. push her down and do until you come.

        Things like this are bitter. But the only thing we can do is to learn from it and increase our efficiency..

  12. I can only say all the gals I saw were mesmerizing. I walked around the “stalls” three rounds before I decided to go for the cosplay gal I liked. Prices are standard. I suggest going there on weekdays around 11pm. It was almost empty streets. Btw, they closes at 12mn once the music sounded off. Most mamasan and the gals kept waving me to go in. Btw, I was a Chinese English Asian. Experience was rather not up to my expectation, she started cleaning my precious with wet tissue, wore a condom and BJ for awhile and ride on me. Rode on me about 1 min and ask me to missionary on her.. She stared blank at the wall and moaned a little rather looking at me.. I was turned off. My advice is, if u want to check your bucket list of fking a jap gal, just go for the 20 mins package will do, I chosen the 30 mins. My gal was stationed at a stall named “树”。it means tree.. not recommended for this stall. Good luck guys.

  13. I’ve wandered around the area a few times as I’m staying in an Airbnb right near by it. Been in Osaka for 5 months before finding out about this red-light area, which is literally 2 blocks away! About to head over now and give it a try, 20 minute session seems like the ideal way to go. I’ve been with plenty of beautiful Asian women and I never fail to please them in bed, but I think the fear of wasting money on a prostitute will disable my member. But, damn they’re gorgeous, so maybe it won’t matter. Either way, this is more of an experience I want to try (I’m a virgin to prostitutes). I was in the mood for it last night, but spent my energy on one of my FWB’s. Wish me luck fir my first prostitution experience, lol!

  14. FFS, ever single site I find, just gives dumbass walking instructions. Just give me the damn coordinate, a pinpoint on google maps, whatever. That makes it so much easier for everybody.

  15. This was hands-down my best experience in Japan, not even a question. This place was incredible. Several blocks of Amsterdam-style windows with SP and mamasan. The ones that accepted gaijin waved, those that didn’t, looked away. As easy as that. We had read reports of 15mins/$11k but didn’t see any of those, seemed that 20min/$16k was the standard. I was initially worried about the clock but was able to make the most of my time. SP was smoking hot and provided extensive service including BBBJ. In my experiences, this is as good as it gets for white guys with no Japanese language skills. HIGHLY recommended, worth even making the trip to Osaka just to experience.

  16. Hi I am Indian, I going to Japan Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima in April. Would like to go there and try my luck. I am 60 but look 50 will they accept me. Ha Ha Any advise.

    1. I don’t know whether or not they would accept you. The place seems to be more or less open to foreigners but people have their own preferences. Cheers.

    2. Some will accept a foreigner but many do not seem to welcome one. It depends on how busy it is and the mamasan mostly, also. Cheers!!

  17. i think this place is a rip off, beware to those looks friendly girls at the beginning, once you gave the money… you get starfish experience, not even touching! no kissing, the girl refuses to do anything rather than mechanical sequence.., ask you to lie down.., wipe your dick, straight away pit those tiny condom on your dick to ensure your dick stay limp and suffocated…, the girl will give you cold stare as you struggle to get your dick hard… btw.. the room is dark and the light reflection will make those cute young girl you saw at the beginning like a girl from “Ring” horror movie…, and … times up!! say goodbye to your hard sweat earned money! And if you think you can salvage your money worth when your dick limp by asking the girl massage you or give you a hug… dream on! the girl dont even let you touch your own dick to make yourself hard.. (afraid that the condom get dirty, the lubricant will dirty the tatami… blablabla….), my advice… walk around, get the free show and just wank at home..,

  18. Hi, I have two questions to ask if you’re still active on this page.

    What is the etiquette like when walking through to check out the girls? For example, do you just look and ignore every stall until you see a girl you like, or should you be courteous and just smile and wave to acknowledge the attention (i.e., mama-san waving at you) they’re giving you but continue walking through the street?

    Also, if you happen to see a girl you like, but when up close you don’t like what you see anymore, would it be bad/rude to just suddenly walk away or should you be nice and at least pretend to interested? But if you pretend to be interested, how do you tell them that that you’re not anymore (I was thinking about saying that the price is too steep for me but all the stalls have the same prices lol, and I assume saying that the girl is ugly is too rude to tell the mama-san)?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am still active here and on other sites. But I have not talked to the author of this particular piece in quite a while. Cheers.

        1. I don’t know about every escort in Japan. But I know that some black men regularly patronize them. Some escort agencies also employ black men. Cheers.

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