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Review of DX-Tohji Strip Theatre in Kyoto

DX-Tohji Strip Theatre (also known on some sites as DX Fushimi) is a centrally located strip show in Kyoto which is easy to find and does not require navigation of a subway or train system for access. It is situated in a residential area and looks a little rundown, but inside is fine.

Normal entry is advertised at 7,000 yen, with a discount to 5,000 yen before noon; however I arrived well after noon and was only asked for 5,000 yen. They also advertise a seniors’ discount price of 5,000 yen for over 65’s. (As with most genuine Japanese strip shows, if you produce a printout from their website or have it on your smartphone, and so can show them that you have actively searched for them and not just wandered in out of the weather, you will get any available discount.) I was given a Members Ticket, so on my second visit I was only asked for 5,000 yen. You can leave and come back anytime the same day.

As usual in Japan, DX-Tohji features six performers interspersed with photo opportunities. My two visits fell either side of the roster change, so I saw two separate shows, and all girls and shows were first rate. The seats are a little cramped, particularly the first row where there is not much leg-room between the seat and the stage, but all have easy access. Photos can be as explicit as anything they do in their shows.

In both shows that I saw, the Number 4 Stripper (ie, 3rd one on) came out after her show, before her photo session, and gave all patrons a feel of her tits for about 30 seconds. Those in the front row stood up from their places, while those in other rows came down the aisles to stand at the stage for their share and some small-talk with her. One of these strippers was a little nervous of the unknown giajin, but once I said “Oppai – nice oppai” (oppai = tits) she was comfortable, and had enough English to ask me where I was from.

On my second visit they ran a bingo game between the first two shows, where you buy bingo tickets from the strippers for 500 yen each. If you win bingo, you draw a numbered prize from a box. Prize Nos 1-6 consist of a signed photo portfolio of the stripper with the corresponding ranking, while prizes 7-10 give you a free entry ticket for another day. Best to sit down the front so you can see the numbers on the board, because they only call them in Japanese.

To get there: from the main Kyoto Railway (Terminus) Station, exit on the side that is NOT Kyoto Tower side. Cross the road; turn right and go past the new Miyama Hotel. At the first main road go straight across at the zebra crossing; turn left; then take the first alleyway on the right. Follow for three fairly long blocks (it dog-legs a bit, but is essentially one street) and DX-Tohji is on the left. There is a tout under the awning who will guide you in. (Note – the access instructions on their website are out of date as a couple of landmarks they refer to are no longer there.)

Opening hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm.

Show times: 11.30 am, 2.10 pm, 4.50pm and 7.30 pm.

DX-Tohji Strip Theatre

18 Inokuma-cho, Higashikujyo, Miniami-ku, Kyoto

Telephone: 075-641-1732.


3 thoughts on “Review of DX-Tohji Strip Theatre in Kyoto”

  1. Thanks for the excellent report.
    The so-called “amateur shows” are even hotter (see schedule at their homepage). Strippers come off stage and play rock-paper-scissors; you can touch their tits if you win. You can also buy services, a lap dance for 1,000 Yen (10 $), french kissing for 2,000 Yen etc.

  2. I don’t know exactly if that changed but I used to go there last year and in the last times they did not offer “extra services” just strippers in the scenery and nothing else. Honestly I liked to go there to have a more personal experience, otherwise it is so boring. Btw I have not been lucky to find a good place for foreigner in Kyoto

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