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Satin Doll in Yoshiwara

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Satin Doll is one of the many soaplands in the Yoshiwara district of Tokyo. Satin Doll is one of the “high class” soaplands. While all of the people on staff are limited to the Japanese language, Satin Doll does accept foreign customers who know how to follow the rules.

Satin Doll soapland prostitute

Satin Doll is the sister shop to the previously described Silky Doll in the same area. It operates in much the same way.

When customers enter Satin Doll they are greeted by a door man slash manager who tells them the prices. If they agree, customers are escorted to a small private room where they are able to select their service provider from a handful of pictures. There are usually three to five women on hand who are willing to work with foreigners.

As usual, Satin Doll has a variety of option in terms of lengths of session. The most popular session for foreigners seems to be the 120 minute set at 77,000 Yen ($719 USD). That includes the 10,000 Yen gaijin tax levied on all non-Japanese customers. It is not cheap in the least bit, but the level of service is very high. The women who work at Satin Doll are quite good looking too.

Plus the famous slippery nuru nuru body to body slide on the inflatable mat is only available in sessions in that are ninety minutes or longer. For many, the nuru nuru mat play is the main draw of soaplands, besides the nearly guaranteed full service.

There are many women working at Satin Doll and most of them are quite good looking. They are also well trained in the art of servicing clients at a soapland. This is not a training ground for newbies or a place for older women to end their careers.

The photos shown at Satin Doll are definitely edited, but this is not done to hide hideous women. It seems to just be a standard practice in the industry. Even without the aid of photoshop most women at Satin Doll look very good and that includes the Japanese porn stars who put in regular hours at the soapland.

Rooms at Satin Doll are clean and fit for the task at hand. Everything is done in a way to maximize the enjoyment of customers and the efficiency of the operation.

Satin Doll is open every day from 7:00 am to midnight. Here is the Satin Doll website. There is a map on the website.

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