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Seventh Heaven in Shibuya

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Seventh Heaven (not to be confused with the Seventh Heaven strip club) is a foreigner friendly delivery health style escort service located in the Shibuya section of Tokyo. The business goes out of its way to find foreign customers as illustrated by its English language website.

Delivery health or “delihelu” shops send women on their staff out to meet customers in love hotels or sometimes their homes. The shops are typically legal and licensed. The women provide “health services” which typically include massage and either a hand job or blow job. Full sex is not permitted by Japanese law.

Seventh Heaven follows normal operating procedure for delihelu shops in the city. Customers call the shop or use the reservation form on their website to book an appointment. Their information is confirmed then the shop sends a lady out to meet the customer. The ladies are accompanied by a man who collects payment upfront and shows customers a list of rules that includes things like a ban on rough touching and sex.

Prices vary at Seventh Heaven depending on the course and length of time. The least expensive course is a 90 minute executive course for 60,000 Yen. At the higher end there are 150 minute suite courses for 140,000 Yen. A more expensive royal suite course also exists.

The Seventh Heaven website shows a huge staff of dozens of women. The website also has a schedule that shows who is working during each day of the week.

Seventh Heaven. Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from Noon — 5:00 AM. Phone: 03-6416-3949. Website:

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