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Sex toys in Japan

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As anyone who has gone through website will quickly notice, the sexual entertainment industry in Japan is gigantic. Everything from pink salon blow job shops to places where you can rent a sex doll are available. There are even virtual reality porn stations where you can blow a load while wearing an immersive headset.

But when it comes to sex toys Japan is really unique and innovative. Sure there are things like the world famous Hitachi denma machine that has brought untold millions of women to orgasm. And there are the high-end Japanese sex dolls too.

Yet ona holes or male masturbators are arguably where the Japanese sex industry shins brightest. There is nothing else like them anywhere in the world. These aren’t your grandfathers pocket pussies we are talking about here. These are state of the art manufactured synthetic fuck sleeves shaped like every orifice imaginable.

Giant super stores like Love Merci and M’s Pop Life in Tokyo have shelves lined with hundreds of different models of onahole. Smaller places like Meiji Shoten and even Maniac Slum Shop on their own have dozens of different kinds of ona holes for guys to enjoy.

Of course these are far from the only sex toys available in Japan. The land of the rising sun has produced countless different vibrators and dildos of every shape and size too. It’s had a major impact on the artificial implement industry internationally.

Sexual machines are not so easy to find in Japan. The sex toy super shops are filled with costumes, rope, BDSM gear, sex dolls, ona holes, dildos, vibrators and so much more. But you would have a difficult time locating a Fuk Machine for hands-free fun while in Japan.

Luckily in this day and age we have the internet and a functioning international exchange system. So it is pretty easy for someone in Osaka to order up a fucking machine right to their home. Similarly, a person in Cincinnati or even Thessaloniki can order an onahole online.

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