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Silky Doll in Yoshiwara

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Silky Doll is a soapland in the age old Yoshiwara districy of Tokyo. Silky Doll is open to foreigners and they even go out of their way to cater to non-Japanese people. While the main customer base is still local Japanese guys, Silky Doll has English speaking people on staff to help foreigners navigate the system.

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Silky Doll is located near Minowa Station. It exists in a basic looking white building. The only indication that there is a soapland inside is the blue sign above the entrance that reads “Silky Doll” in English.

When customers enter they select one of the available women willing to work with foreigners. Silky Doll is one of the few places where the pictures and descriptions listed are fairly accurate. After customers select a service provider they then chose a session length and pay the set fee.

There are various session lengths available at Silky Doll. A sixty minute session is 20,000 Yen ($186 USD). A 90 minute session is 30,000 Yen. There is also a 10,000 Yen gaijin tax added to the price for all foreigners, which means a 60 minute session for a non-Japanese customer is actually 30,000 Yen ($279 USD). Apparently the stress of dealing with non-Japanese customers merits an extra fee.

Sessions normally including bathing, touching, oral and full service. As with any soapland, nuru nuru mat play is only available in sessions that are ninety minutes or more in length. Shorter sessions are limited to a shower and bed play, which means it is straight to the action.

Sessions at Silky Doll also include extras like free drinks and a hot towel for refreshment.

Silky Doll is open every day from 7:00 am to midnight. Here is the Silky Doll website. There is a map on the website.

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