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Smooci in Tokyo

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Smooci is an “escorts on demand” website in Tokyo. It allows people to browse a large number of escorts in Tokyo. With real time updates and tracking it shows who is available at any given moment and who will be available in the future. It also shows their stats and user reviews along with pictures.

Smooci started in Southeast Asia and quickly expanded all over the world. The site now operates in several countries in Europe and Asia. Smooci is now open in Tokyo. With its English-language layout and easy operation, it is sure to make waves here in the land of the rising sun.

Smooci Tokyo website

Anyone who has read this site or even walked around Tokyo knows that the local commercial sex industry is huge. Yet every gaijin also knows that most of the sex industry is off limits to those who are not Japanese. Even foreigners who speak Japanese can have trouble finding paid sexual services.

Prostitution is legal in Japan in various forms. So it is not laws or necessarily even language barriers that make things difficult for foreigners. There are other things involved. Yet there are an increasing number of foreign friendly sex workers and shops in Japan. Especially in Tokyo.

Smooci in Tokyo lists both independent escorts and agency staff. So customers can browse through women who work for themselves as well as foreigner friendly escorts that work for various delivery health and similar companies. Prices aren’t any higher then they would be otherwise. So there’s really no downside to Smooci for people who purchase sexual services.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Smooci is probably the easiest way for foreigners to book escorts in Tokyo. It basically removes all of the difficulties involved with locating escorts and escort agencies that are open to foreigners. What’s more, it removes problems with communication. The website is in English and very straight forward.

When customers go to the Smooci website they click “book an escort.” Then they click through a menu that asks basic questions like desired time of booking and session length. The available escorts who meet the selected criteria are shown. It is that simple.

The launch of Smooci in Tokyo seems like a natural evolution of the local industry. Yet it is also quite a departure from how things were just a few years ago. In this day and age foreigners will have little issue finding gaijin friendly escorts in Tokyo. Smooci is a big reason why.

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