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Soft on Demand Experience Center in Akihabara

Japanese virtual reality pornAs regular readers of this site know Japan is home to an extensive adult entertainment industry. With everything from a wide variety of sex shops to a huge array of porn and countless male sex toys the country often makes waves around the world with each new development. Surprisingly a new innovating shop created by the famous Soft on Demand porn conglomerate received minimal coverage in the English language press.

The SOD experience center in the Akihabara section of Tokyo has really broken new ground. The well illuminated front tells the tale in Japanese though a quick walk inside the foreigner friendly shop makes things clear even to those who cannot speak the local language.

There have long been rooms available for people to rent called mangakissa. People can read manga, surf the internet or take a rest for a few hours in these places which are popular for people who miss the last train or who simply want a private place to rub one out. The SOD center is like a mangakissa but along with the comic books and internet access it also offers adult videos, male masturbators and even virtual reality goggles.

The inside of the shop looks like a Japanese porn shop but it is a little cleaner and less cluttered. Countless SOD titles are spread throughout the store. There are also plenty of Tenga male sex toys around. Of course the aforementioned goggles are also available. Apparently there are already several titles shot point of view style meant to match with the virtual reality gear. One features a nurse giving a handjob and another features oral and cowgirl from a hot Japanese teen.

A use of a private room for one hour is just 550 Yen ($5 USD). A full day room rental is 3150 Yen ($28 USD). The rooms are small but well done and purpose built. They even have soundproof walls to keep out any noise from nearby users.

SOD Experience Center, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Open 24 hours. Click here for map.


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