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Prostitution has been prominent in Japan since as early as the 15th century. Men from Korea, China and other surrounding countries would travel to Japan to enjoy their prominent prostitution services. Word spread fast about the amazing and plentiful brothels that were formed around this time and men were soon flocking there from other surrounding countries. Many men from Portugal and South Asia began taking advantage of the widespread prostitution in Japan and started enslaving the women. They would purchase them in the slave trade and either prostitute them for their own gain in Japan, or take them back to their countries.

In the 17th century; officials in Yoshiwara in Edo (now called Tokyo) made the first attempt to make prostitution illegal in Japan. However, the motivation was not to stop the spread of prostitution. The motivation was to collect taxes on the proceeds. Tokyo prostitutes were put into brackets where the wealthiest and most prominent men in society were awarded with the highest quality prostitutes. Prostitutes and courtesans were setting fashion trends. In the 18th century, prostitutes were known to interact with prominent Buddhist figures. By the 19th century; many prostitutes dressed like geishas and were displayed like they were animals.

There was finally an Anti-Prostitution Law introduced in Japan in 1956. It says that “No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it.” Unfortunately for those who tried to get it enforced; the Anti-Prostitution Law was never properly defined. Lawyers found loopholes in the law and law enforcement became very lax on regulating it. Since the definition of the law is, sex in exchange for money; many men find a way around it by paying for a service that does not involve sex. That way, if the service escalates into sex, it would not technically be part of the paid service. Paid sexual activities are technically legal as long as they don’t involve vaginal penetration. This means that oral sex and anal sex fall into a gray area of the law.

Prostitution in Japan has now been allowed to grow at astronomical proportions. Japan’s entire sex industry now takes in almost $25 billion a year. There has been research that says that prostitution involving sex takes in at least $15 billion a year itself. Much of the money generated in the entirety of the “sex industry” comes from businesses that offer other sexually stimulating services that do not involve vaginal sex. These places offer pretty much anything you can dream of except penile penetration.

Here are some of the kinds of places that sell sex in Japan:

• Street Hookers


• Gay, Lesbian and Transsexual Prostitutes and Escorts

• Brothels / Bath Houses

Strip Clubs

Massage Parlors

Pink Salons

• Image Rooms

• S and M Clubs and much more.

Today, prostitution is still illegal in Japan, but it’s more popular than ever. There are currently over 12,000 businesses in Japan that deal with sex related services. Many women use prostitution to supplement their income or are lured into the profession for the prospect of having enough money to buy designer products. It is now common for some young girls to sell their bodies for extra money to put themselves through school. Prostitution is especially common in Tokyo. The high population, high concentration of businesses and the city’s reputation for having the highest quality prostitutes help fuel the sex industry to the point where it is constantly growing and evolving. This means a lot of money for the sex trade, but it also means a lot of money being put into the economy. There are very few prostitutes in the smaller towns outside of Tokyo. Businessmen and other visitors from all over the world come to Japan to visit Tokyo, in particular, to enjoy a sexual encounter with a one of the many gorgeous girls who are part of Japan’s ever-evolving sex trade.

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