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Report on The Matsushima Shinchi Red Light District in Osaka

When looking for an exhilarating boyʼs night out in Osaka, most people would recommend you to a red-light district called Tobita Shinchi. And so, they should! As explained in Macho Pichoʼs report, it is the (little) Amsterdam of Osaka. Thereʼs a wide variety of stores, and the atmosphere on a Saturday night is an experience in itself.

However, for those who want to stray away from the mainstream trends, looking for a lower-key experience or a place that is a little kinder on the wallet, I have just the right place for you. I fully recommend you visit Matsushima Shinchi.

Matsushima Shinchi is a red-light district that has history all the way back to 1868 and is one of the “5 Osaka Great Shinchi” (Tobita is included). It is located in Nishikujo approximately 19 minutes from Osaka JR Station. And the nearest station is Kujo JR station. Hereʼs a map for reference.

The system and process of things are completely identical to Tobita Shinchi. The area pre-dates the Japanese prostitution laws and are disguised as ʻRestaurantsʼ where a customer and traditional Japanese waitresses (Nakai-san) fall in love freely. Once again similar to Tobita, you also have the lively Mama-san trying to escort you in to her ʻRestaurantʼ.

So, whatʼs different about Matsushima Shinchi?

  1. The Pricing is Cheaper – On my most recent visits to Matsushima and Tobita (within the last year) the required minimum was cheaper in Matsushima. 11,000 Yen compared to 15,000 Yen in Tobita. Note: Prices may have varied over time and can be decided on a case by case basis.
  2. Some Stores have a Selection – Not all but a number of stores have incorporated a Chinese massage-style ʻpick and chooseʼ system. You can find a pair of girls sitting at the front of some
    stores. It is something you canʼt see in Tobita and always fun to have more options.
  3. Some Stores have a Shower – Once again not all stores, and something you canʼt find in Tobita. Some stores have a shower in their ʻRestaurantʼ (funny right?) and include this in their service. Itʼs great, because there is nothing more important than personal hygiene for everyone involved. Not to mention you can freshen up before and after. But, the shower does cut into your time so this may be welcomed by some but not others.
  4. The District is Lower Key – Without a doubt, there are a lot less number of stores and there is a more ʻresidential feelingʼ to the area with more cafes and peopleʼs homes in the area. Also, there are less people walking around at night and the Mama-san arenʼt as in your face and aggressive. It is a lot less intimidating for shy guys compared to Tobita.

Now hereʼs the most important part of the report, the girls. In Matsushima Shinchi you will find girls in their 20ʼs all the way to 40ʼs. To be completely honest, the overall quality isnʼt on par with Tobita. On my recent visit, I found the girls to be more of the ʻgirl next doorʼ type compared to the ʻidolʼ types you would find in Tobita. However, the price, unique system and overall relaxed atmosphere makes up for it. But there are some beautiful gems in the mix! You just have to make sure to do a few laps.

All in all, if you have given Tobita Shinchi a go, and you wanted to try somewhere new that is reasonable, relaxed and low-key, Matsushima Shinchi should be on your ʻGo-toʼ list! I personally still prefer a soapland or delivery health but Matsushima Shinchi has a special place in my heart.