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Tokyo Olympics will make it harder to meet Japanese women

I just read in the newspaper that tourist spending is actually falling in Japan. That’s hard for me to believe. There are now more non-Japanese people in Tokyo than I have ever seen before. You see people from all over the world in areas like Ikkebukuro. The shops even do announcements in Mandarin when they have sales or want to promote the tax free scheme.

Even if it is true that tourist expenditures are on the decline, things will certainly turn around soon. That’s because the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are fast approaching. With that is going to come a very large influx of people from all over the world. And that’s going to include a lot of guys who want to hookup with Japanese chicks.

Japanese women have been popular on a worldwide scale for a while. But the internet seems to have increased the popularity. South Korea is all the rage. And China is clearly on the rise. But more people in the West than ever are into stuff from the land of the rising sun ranging from video games to anime and of course, Japanese porn.

While I am sure that foreigner friendly sex shops and dating clubs of all kinds are eagerly awaiting the arrival of untold millions of people, I think the Olympics are going to make it harder for we gaijin to meet Japanese women.

It is already getting tougher to hook up with Japanese girls than it used to be. Sure, it’s not like some anti-sexual wasteland. There is a real nanpa culture of pick ups and hook ups in Japan. But it is nothing like what it used to be even ten or fifteen years ago.

First the notoriety of being a gaijin in Japan wore off decades ago. People don’t even pay you any notice in Japan today. Secondly, people got tired of so many pick up artists and bullshitters from the western countries. They aren’t buying what we’re selling anymore. The dating websites for gaijin to meet Japanese ladies are super slow these days. And finally, apps like Tinder which never worked that well to begin with in Japan have been made even more ineffective thanks to absolute maniacs like this guy.

So when even more people show up and start banging away on Tinder, showing up at night clubs in Roppongi, and doing their best to pick up chicks outside of train stations with their phrasebook Japanese, what do you think is going to happen? I think it is going to get even more difficult to meet Japanese women.

On the other hand, we’ve been seeing more and more sex shops open up to us over the last few years. And it looks like even more will open up to us in the run up to the Olympics. Whole new shops meant just for foreigners like Paradise Yoshiwara are even opening. So as long as we have money to spend, we can at least get close to Japanese ladies by paying for the privilege.

I for one will keep trying to score my freebies. But I am definitely not above paying for a blowjob or some sumata from a hot J-girls. Japanese women are what brought me to Japan to begin with. There are still millions of them here. At least some must have some time for me, and maybe you too!

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