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Welcome to Rockit Rising Sun

Today marks the first day of the rest of your life. It also marks the first day of the new Rockit Rising Sun website. Those familiar with Rockit Reports may wonder why there would be need for a site focusing specifically on Japan, “The Land of The Rising Sun.” Rather than keep you guessing I’ll fill you all in.

Rockit Rising Sun will cover the massive commercial Japanese sex scene from all angles, in English. It will also be a collaborative project with multiple writers and contributors. This should allow for a more focused look at Japan, which deserves an up close view as much as any other place in the world. There are few countries that can rival Japan in terms of the wide variety and amount of sexual entertainment available yet so little of what exists is known to the outside world.

So far I’ve only cracked the surface. The aim here is to go much deeper.

I hope readers will enjoy what is published here in the coming weeks, months and years. The purpose of this website is to provide adult entertainment of a unique kind.


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