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Enjoy Eimi Fukada’s bodacious body in your own home

Eimi Fukada is one of the hottest porn stars around. She seems to have really hit her peak in the last year or so. It wasn’t that hard to see this coming. All you have to do is look at the woman and you know she is something special.

Eimi-chan was actually mentioned over on Rokit Reports more than a year ago, a bit before she got so huge. She was featured prominently in an article on new Korean porn videos released in Japan.

That’s because she did a porn video called “The Miraculously Perfect Body From Korea! The Hot Biracial Model With Beautiful Tits Will Make You Creampie Her Repeatedly With Korean Cowgirl Sex. Eimi (20 Years Old).” Since that video was released, Eimi has really made waves in Japan and all around the world. She was even mentioned as being possibly the most popular porn star in Japan recently.

I don’t know Eimi still identifies as Korean, biracial or hafu. Everything I have seen lately simply describes her as a Japanese AV idol. Whatever the case, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you can now enjoy Eimi Fukada’s body from the comfort of your own home. That’s great whether or not you are on coronavirus lockdown or simply looking to play with one of the hottest porn stars on earth.

Eimi’s oppai

Don’t mistake my words. Eimi isn’t appearing at Tokyo Hentai Club to meet with guys like me and you. At least not that I know of. But a lot of us are either locked in our houses or stuck in our countries anyway. So it wouldn’t help us even if Eimi was doing a gaijin gangbang in Roppongi tomorrow. Luckily we can order up proper replicas of her body parts to use in our own sick and demented ways at home.

Eimi Fukada oppai

While I actually like Eimi’s eyes quite a bit, it’s obvious that her oppai are the main draw for many guys. Sure she had her bust beefed up with some silicone but who cares? You and I both know you’d love to slide your meat between those hooters and go to town.

Well, now you can thanks to the Nidaime Gokujyou Nama-Chichi Eimi Fukada Paizuri Breasts. This sex toy based on Eimi’s jugs weighs in at a whopping 3 kilograms. That’s some heft. They look and feel about real as Eimi’s enhanced chest meat so they’re the next best thing to being there. You can touch em, suck em, and even fuck em right up the middle. How great is that?

Eimi’s holes

While breasts are great to look at and hold, the real goal for any real man is to get in those holes. We’re made to breed and the instinct is strong. When you see Eimi bent over a patient in “Nympho Nurses Want To Fuck Eimi Fukada” you can’t help but get the urge to dive balls deep in her tunnel of love.

Eimi does a nice head job too, as you can see when she sucks in pretty much every movie she’s made. She has great lips and knows how to really put it on. She gives sloppy top with lots of saliva flowing everywhere. Plus she makes those nasty noises that just get you going.

Eimi Pussy Blowjob

I don’t think Eimi is going to show up on the pink salon circuit any time soon. But no matter, we can try her fucks holes out whenever we want. All it takes is the two sided Eimi Fukada Blowjob Mouth Pussy Onahole. One side is based on her pussy. The other side is modeled on her mouth. And it’s all ribbed for your pleasure!

If you’re more of a man of taste, you can sink yourself into Eimi Fukada’s Pussy Just Before She Comes. Yes, that’s actually what it is called; and what it is based on! You know how a woman’s twat gets plump and swollen when she’s ready to let it rip? Well Eimi is the same. Only Eimi’s box has been molded right in the heat of the moment. So now we can enjoy getting off in her hot and ready hole right before she does. It’s great!

Eimi’s love juice

As a nice compliment to all of this, there is a lube available that replicates Eimi’s natural love juices. It’s literally called Eimi Fukada Love Juice Lubricant. There is no mistaking what that is supposed to be!

So far all of Eimi’s videos have been made for the domestic Japanese market. That means they have been pixelated. So we can’t really see what kind of cream Eimi-chan makes when she’s getting it on. But we can hear it! Her fuck pipe gets sloppy wet and sounds like an old lady washing clothes against a rock in a river.

Now we can’t get access to the real juices flowing from Eimi’s love canal, but this is the next best thing. It’s also totally safe. You don’t have to worry about bodily fluids or social distancing when you pour a bit of this slick slime on your ding dong.

Eimi’s juice works well with all of her toys. But I have to admit I am saving some up for the near future. Sometime this month they are releasing a Meiki based around Eimi’s holes. Anyone who knows about onaholes knows that Meikis are the best of the best. Since Eimi is one of the most of her ilk, we can be sure that Eimi’s Meiki no Syoumei is going to be top of the line in personal pussy entertainment.

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