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M’s Pop Life in Akihabara

M’s Pop Life is a sex toy superstore similar to Love Merci in the same Akihabara district of Tokyo. M’s is open to anyone over the age of 18 and has plenty of foreign customers each and every day.

The shop is easy to find. It is in a green corner building that is decorated with pictures of Japanese adult video stars. It is a large store that takes up several floors. There is a small staircase at the back that customers can use to go up and down. There is also an elevator. The mos common way to navigate the place is to ride the lift to the top floor and then use the stairs to move down floor by floor. Customers who already know what they want skip that and just head to the section that has the merchandise they are after.

The ground floor is filled with Japanese porn DVDs of all sorts. There is a huge selection here which shows that Japanese people still purchase porn in the physical form. Of course for the same price or less anyone with an internet connection has access to an even larger library of Japanese AV through the massive R18 website.

The next floor is absolutely filled with onaholes which for the unaware are expertly crafted and designed male sex toys that are modeled on female vaginas, anuses, mouths and more. For the hentai crowd there are many toys based on various fictional characters and at least two based on ramen noodles.

The floor after that is more focused toward couples and single women. It contains all kinds of gear for BDSM play along with plenty of vibrators and dildos. As with the male sex toys the various phallic devices generally seem to be better designed and more interesting than their counterparts in the West.

Another flight of stairs brings customers to a show room where expensive high end vibrators and similar toys are displayed in a manner that resembles a museum or an international auto show. It is also the place to find lubricants,instructional books and videos, and a seemingly endless variety of condoms.

The floor further up houses female panties and lingerie of all kinds. Japanese sex toys are some of the best in the world. Japanese lingerie can be great too as any fan of AV will know. The lingerie sold here is average. There are a few good pieces but there are also many cheap pieces that one could find for sale at a discount on eBay.

The top floor is dedicate to cosplay. It contains many costumes and other accessories for both men and women. Some of it is sexual but some of it could be used more generally. With clothing a lot depends on context. The top floor is also where people go to buy used panties. They are sold in clear packages with photographs of their previous owner wearing them. Rumor has it that the “used panties” sold in sex shops nowadays weren’t actually worn by women.

M’s Pop Life is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm. Here is the M’s Pop Life website. There is a map of the shop’s location on the website.


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