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New “Air-Tech” Tenga cup now available

New air tech tenga hole
Available in several varieties

While Japan has been cranking out a vast variety of sex toys for years it seems that the pleasure products from the land of the rising sun are only now be noticed around the world. Some closer locations like Korea have long known of the onahole industry next door but in places like the United States many know of nothing more than the locally owned Fleshlight or perhaps some low end male masturbators sold in adult bookstores. Or at least that’s all they knew until recently.

With the spread of Japanese cultural media like manga has come a spread in Japanese pop culture. That includes onaism and well known “onaholes” such as the famous Tenga Cup. Tenga is huge in Japan. It first made waves by creating a disposable masturbation cup. That was such a hit that the company expanded its line and starting creating other disposable toys like the Tenga eggs and Tenga deep throat cups.

As Tenga has continued to churn out toy after toy it has turned into a household name in Japan. Comedians joke about the toys on television shows and characters in comic books and cartoons deal with the red and white toys too. It’s all over the place and that has started to spill over into the rest of the world. The secret is out.

Tenga is under the umbrella of the Soft On Demand company. This huge company is probably most well known for creating high quality Japanese porn but as its involvement with Tenga shows it works in many areas. There are many adult entertainment companies in Japan. SOD is one of the largest. They work hard to stay ahead of the pack and it shows. Innovation is one way they attempt to hold on to their advantage.

Tenga’s newest male sex toy is the Air-Tech Tenga Cup which is also being billed as the “reusable vacuum cup”. Most Tenga toys are meant to be used once and discarded. Some penny pinching people have been known to wash them out for reuse but that was never intended by the manufacturer. The new toy has a removable sleeve that can be cleaned out as it is meant for multiple uses. It is also meant to suck, in a good way of course.

Tenga cups have an air hole on the top. When this air hole is covered with a finger the Tenga cups create a suction that is very stimulating. Many people say it is a lot like getting a good blowjob. According to Tenga, the new Air-Tech cups creation more suction than any Tenga cup ever made, including the Deep Throat Cup. Apparently this is due to improved airflow which means that engineers have been hard at work creating this toy meant to work on hard ons!

Thanks to the wonders of the internet the new Tenga toys are not only available in Japan. They can be purchased all over the world from a number of sources. One of the best and most reliable is Toy Demon which has been selling male masturbators over the internet for years. They have all four varieties of the Air-Tech cups in stock. Of course the toys are also available in Japan at stores like M’s Pop Life and Love Merci.


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