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Darling Harbor in Yoshiwara

Darling Harbor is a foreigner friendly soapland in the Yoshiwara section of Tokyo. Not all of the women in the shop will service foreigners but several will. The front staff consists of a few middle aged Japanese guys in business suits and one or two of them can speak enough English to get a customer into a session.

Customers enter the shop, swap their shoes for slippers then head to a resting room to meet with one of the guys on staff. He will lay out the price of 29,800 Yen for a 70 minute session and show pictures of the one or two women available for foreigners at the time. After the customer pays he’ll be left in the room until his service provider is ready. Most of the service providers are in their late 20’s or early 30’s and average to attractive in the looks department.

Before long the service provider will arrive to collect the customer and lead him up a set of stairs and into one of many rooms. There she will strip him nude, wash his body from head to toe in a shower, then put him in a bubble bath while she prepares an air mattress. The customer will be brought from the tub and laid on the mattress. The provider will cover her nude body in soap suds and slide up and down the customers body.

This erotic behavior is usually enough to get the customer aroused so the provider can slip on a condom with her mouth and ride the customer. Some combination of positions is possible until the deed is done. After it is the customer will be given another wash and then spend the rest of the time either chatting, getting a massage on the table or trying for another go depending on the situation.

Drinks are provided free of charge and customers are given a free taxi ride to a nearby train station once the session is over.

Darling Harbour is open every day from sunrise to around midnight. Here is the Darling Harbour website. There is a map on the website.


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