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Soaplands: The King of Sex Business in Japan

There are a variety of sex establishments in Japan, some of which can’t be found in other countries.

Let me deal with “soaplands” first. It’s called “the king of the sex business” in Japan’s adult industry.

It’s found in various places throught the country. Most of those in Tokyo are packed in a small area called Yoshiwara.

The word Yoshiwara brings to Japanese mind brothels and prostitutes. It was one of the biggest red-light districts that had been clamped down on in the pre- and post-war periods. It had hundreds of years of history. It has become the theme of many movies.

It doesn’t exist as a geographical name any longer. It’s been vanished today. Still, it’s a very common word among Japanese. Soaplands tightly packed there are said to inherit the tradition directly.

You can’t launch a soapland from scratch today. Laws prohibit it. You need to rent or buy an existing license to do so. The prices would be over 100 million yen.

Most soaplands come with one big building. They have multiple private rooms with a relatively large bath tub. Female companions offer service to customers in there.

They give “mat play” everytime. It’s a massage using the entire body and slippery lubricant gel on a big mattress like a raft.

It requires technique. Female workers have to take several training sessions to acquire the skill. Women teach. It’s impossible for men to teach it.

After it’s done, bed time begins.

By the way, Japanese legislation prohibits prostitution, or providing sexual action in exchange for money.

What does “sexual action” mean, precisely?

It’s penetration, or putting the cock into the cunt.

Therefore, all the sex establishments in Japan including soaplands don’t offer full sex, nominally and superficially.

Laws define them as special bathhouses. Customers rent a room by the hour. Female workers provide service behind closed doors. Staff don’t know what happens inside. That’s the way they put up a good front.

As a matter of fact, you can enjoy full sex at a rate of 100 percent at soaplands. Women let you in voluntarily.

Female workers are trained to make customers ejaculate once on a mat, and later again in bed.

It’s not all about sexual service. They wash you at the beginning and wipe you after getting out of the bathtub. Sessions are filled with caring you can’t get in ordinary life.

Tradition, mat play and 100% full sex. These are the reasons why soaplands are called the king of the sex business in Japan.

Among others, female workers of soaplands have the best sense of professionalism. Those who have poorer one tend to choose other kinds of clubs.

A growing number of soaplands have been accepting non-Japanese clients. It might be interesting to experience them when you have a chance to visit Japan.

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