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Madonna in Kabukicho

Madonna (マドンナ) is a peep show shop located in the Kabukicho section of Tokyo. Like the previously described New Hot Point the place allows guys to watch women dance in the nude and masturbate. It also gives them the option to pay extra to have one of the dancing women service them.

New Hot Point’s attitude towards foreigners has always been up to question. In practice all men capable of going with the flow have been accepted but there have been “no foreigner” notices on the website and apparently at least one front desk guy has become frustrated with foreign customers incapable of speaking Japanese or at least pretending to when given the short list of rules.

Madonna happily accepts foreigners but does not allow them to receive extra services from the dancers. I guess this is meant to reduce mishaps with guys who do not speak the language trying for more than the rules allow.

Foreigners who can speak the Japanese language to some degree are free to respectfully ask the management to be allowed access to the extra services. In at least some cases these requests seem to be accepted when the women on staff are up for it.

Madonna is easy to find. It is located in an open courtyard and the entrance is marked with a big neon sign that has a picture of a woman in a sexy pose on it. If that wasn’t enough both the name of the business and the Japanese term for peep show (のぞきべや) are also there for all to see.

Obviously then the entrance to Madonna is not discreet but this doesn’t matter much. Kabukicho has a reputation as a seedy place and the whole area is filled with sex clubs mixed in with restaurants and bars. People nearby are as unlikely to know which shop a guy is going into as they are to care.

Under the sign there is a flight of stairs that leads to the front desk at Madonna. At the front desk customers pay the 2,100 Yen ($21 USD) entrance fee. There customers also look over and agree to a piece of paper containing the rules that include no taking photos of the women. Customers hand over their phones in any event. Shows last fifteen minutes.

Once customers pay they are given a number and taken to a small waiting room that is barely suitable for one person. When there are enough people or a scheduled show is ready to start customers are taken into one of the available small booths that matches their number. A woman then comes around to collect the 2,000 Yen ($20 USD) charge for handjobs from those who want a happy ending.

Once everyone is in the booths the show starts. One woman dances nude on a stage that customers can see through small windows. The women vary in looks. Some are relatively attractive. One or two are really hot. Customers can masturbate while they watch the show. Guys who paid for hand service can wait for that or get started themselves.

The procedure is first come first served. Service consists of one of the women coming into the booth while the other dances. This is different than New Hot Point. There all service is performed after the dancing is done.

Service is quick and mechanical but it can get the job done. The wanking is fast and furious with no real room for intimacy of any kind. Customers seem able to touch the upper body of their service providers but access to the lower half is forbidden. If a customer cannot get off in the allotted time he is out of luck. Each room is outfitted with tissues for cleanup.

The show ends when the dancing or the customers finish. Whichever comes first. There’s no obligation for guys to stay around once they have blown their loads. Things like jackets and phones can be retrieved at the front desk by handing over coat check numbers.

Madonna. Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan. Open seven days a week, 11:00 AM – Midnight. Phone: +81 03-3200-1767 Website: Click here for map.

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