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New Hot Point in Kabukicho

New Hot Point is a peep show club where guys can get a blowjob or handjob from one of the dancers. Although there are some reports to the contrary, New Hot Point is definitely open to foreigners who are able to act respectful and follow the club’s rules.

New Hot Point is located in an upper level of a building. It’s accessed by an elevator. When customers exist the elevator they are in the shop. They simply need to walk to the front desk and place 2200 Yen on the money plate to gain admission. The front desk worker will then ask them to chose between one of the two available women. There is a digital picture frame with pictures of both.

Afterward the customer will be asked to place his cellphone on another plate for safe keeping. He can pick it back up on the way out. He will also be given a hanger with a number on it. This is his number in line for the next show. The customer will then take a seat on one of the chairs and wait. There is Japanese porn on a television and plenty of magazines around to read.

When it’s time for the next show a bouncer will announce it. Customers will then follow one of the girls down a hallway. Each one will be given a small but private booth with a chair and a window facing the stage. If a customer wants more than just to watch the show they turn on a light switch in the booth.

The woman they chose will then come over to the booth. If the customer wants a handjob after the show he will give her 2000 Yen. If he wants a blowjob with a condom he will give her 4000. There are pictures on the walls of the booths that customers can point to if they cannot speak Japanese.

Each gal takes turns dancing nude to two or three songs then they start going around to the booths to provide the services. The services are done expertly and the women are gorgeous and super sexy. Because there are several customers each guy can only get a few minutes with the gal of his choosing. Because of this most customers start masturbating¬† during the show so that they’ll be ready to go when their gal arrives. There’s a TV in the dance area showing Japanese porn to help with this.

New Hot Point is open every day from 10:00 am to midnight. This is the New Hot Point website. Here is a video showing the booths, stage and dancers. Here is a map of New Hot Point’s location.


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