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Review of DX-Kabukicho Strip Theatre in Tokyo

DX-Kabukicho Strip Theatre is a strip theatre on the quieter side of Kabukicho in Tokyo – so quiet that it doesn’t have touts or a doorman. It is a little difficult to find but well worth the effort. It is a sister-theatre to DX-Tohji in Kyoto – their websites have links to each other.

Normal entry is advertised at 5,000 yen, with a discount to 4,000 yen before noon and 3,000 yen for those 60 years and over. When I arrived on a busy Sunday I was asked if I was a member, and when I answered ‘no’ I was asked for 6,000 yen. I then produced a printout from their website, showed them the DOB in my passport and pointed to what little remains of my grey hair to claim the old guy discount, and was then asked for only 3,000 yen and given a membership ticket. On my second visit early on a quiet Tuesday, I was asked for 3,000 yen without producing anything, and when I produced my membership ticket I was given a 500 yen photo voucher. (As with most genuine Japanese strip shows, if you produce something from their website or have it on your smartphone, and so can show them that you have actively searched for them and not just wandered in out of the weather, you will get any available discount.) You can leave and come back anytime the same day; soft drinks and canned beer are available in the lobby, and you can buy snacks nearby.

DX-Kobukicho features the usual six performers interspersed with photo opportunities. One of the ladies was clearly there to satisfy the big tits niche market (which I do not subscribe to), but all the others were first rate, and offered wide open pussy photo shots and anything else that was asked for. One was quite happy to sit on my lap with her legs wide open for a polaroid souvenir happy snap. However, the seats are very hard and if you don’t stretch your legs every couple of strippers you will end up with a numb ass.

My two visits covered two separate shows. In one show the Number 6 stripper was clearly a newbie and was being mentored by the Number 3. Each came out into the theatre and stood at the back to watch the other from the audience perspective. Only the first five took part in the finale; number 6 had not yet earned her status. But she was very cute and did the photo sessions very willingly. (You must remember that, except for porn stars, every Number 1 started out as a Number 6 and worked her way up.)

It is best to go midweek as the theatre is far less crowded. On weekends it is crowded all day, and it can take a while to get a seat and even longer to get a good seat.

To get there: start from T S Music and go down the hill till that street ends. Turn right and immediately left, up a little hill. Take the first alleyway on the left, and DX Theatre is on the left – just a doorway and some steps leading downwards, with a small sign out the front.

Alternatively, from the main Kabukicho archway (the one that features on all the tourist brochures): without going through the archway, turn right and follow the main road till the 4th street (traffic lights); turn left; follow to the second traffic lights; turn left, then 1st right, up the little hill, then first left.

Opening hours: 10.30am – 11.00pm.

Show times: 11.30 am, 2.30 pm, 5.30pm and 8.30 pm.


Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukichō, 2 Chome−25−10, Japan

Phone: 03-3232-9946



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