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Super Strip Theater in Shibuya

Super Strip Theater, called Dogenzaka Theater by locals, is a strip club in the Shibuya section of Tokyo. It works like any other Japanese strip club and foreigners are totally welcome.

The club opens at around ten each morning. Shows start soon after opening and last an hour or two. Once one show finishes the next starts soon after.

Customers pay their admission at the entrance. The normal fee is 5000 Yen but there are discounts available for students and the elderly. Once the customer pays they can go inside and take a seat. There is a vending machine that sells regular and alcoholic drinks.

Customers are expected to stay seated and remain relatively quite during the shows. Each one of the dancers will come out and do a choreographed performance that starts with a costumed dance routine and ends with the dancer full nude spreading her legs on a rotating stage so that everyone in the audience can get a good view of the goods.

Tips aren’t given in Japanese strip clubs but after each woman dances she’ll come to the side of the stage and allow customers to line up to shake her hand and take her picture. Pictures cost 500 Yen each and must be taken with the club’s camera. Print outs of the pictures are given to the customer after.

The customer can direct the woman into any reasonable position or take a picture with her by asking another punter to hold the camera. It’s all more normal than it sounds. Some customers will bring gifts for their favorite dancers but it isn’t required or necessarily normal.

There are usually five to seven women dancing on any given day. Each will take the stage before one show stops and the next begins. Customers can come and go as they please throughout the shows. The women who dance change every few days. Sometimes Japanese porn actresses dance at this and other strip clubs which makes for a nice treat.

Japanese language helps anywhere in Japan but it’s quite easy to go to a strip show without speaking a word of it.

Here’s the Super Strip Theater website. Here’s a map of the Super Strip Theater’s location.

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