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Tantra Tokyo in Roppongi

Tokyo has a number of strip theaters and peep shows like New Hot Point. Western-style strip clubs like those seen in the United States are a lot less common.

Tantra Tokyo is a strip club in the Roppongi section of Tokyo. Roppingi is famous in Japan as an area where foreigners congregate. While there are many foreigners in the area every day the local Japanese people still outnumber them by a wide margin.

Despite the name Tantra Tokyo does not offer any kinds of massages. Instead it offers shows and the company of scantly clad hostesses to customers. It looks like a western strip club inside but the mode of operations is a bit different.

Tantra Tokyo has choreographed stage shows performed by attractive women in various sexy outfits. The women come from all over the world. Japanese gals are most common but western women are always found in the mix. They are all in their twenties and thirties and fit. Some have an alternative type of look with colored hair and tattoos or piercings which is a bit out of the norm for Japan.

Other more individualized services are also offered at Tantra Tokyo. When there are no performances going on customers can call the women on staff over to sit with them in exchange for the purchase of a lady drinks. Drinks are not cheap as might be expected in Tokyo but the prices are not out of control either. Beverages start at 1500 Yen ($14 USD). Bills are tallied up fairly and documented.

The women at Tantra Tokyo also offer personal dances. These “tantra dances” typically consist of a lot of topless bumping and grinding on the customer. Sometimes kissing and touching is done too. It rarely goes any further than that.

While many adult entertainment facilities in Japan offer some kind of sexual release there are places such as the oppai pubs that are purely to meant to perk up customer interest. Tantra Tokyo is one of those venues. There is no system in place for customers to get any kind of sexual release. It is more of a party place especially on the weekends when festive events are held.

Tantra Tokyo is totally foreigner friendly. It maintains an English language website and has plenty of people on multilingual people on staff.

Tantra Tokyo, Zeches Baum B2F, 3-9-5 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Open every Monday through Saturday from 8:00 PM. Phone: 03-5775-6533. Website: Map on website.

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