Rockit Rising Sun was launched in 2015 but it comes out of the tradition established by the popular Rockit Reports website. Clearly the focus here is on the commercial sex scene in Japan but the general outlook remains the same.

This site is different from Rockit Reports not only because of its clear focus on a single national scene but also because it’s a more collaborative effort. We welcome relevant contributions from around the world to compliment the content produced by dedicated writers.

What kind of material will we accept? Anything related to the content of this website (and of course, legal) will be considered.

You should look at this website to get an idea of the things we publish but don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries. Just because we haven’t published something before doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t. As long as it is related to prostitution, dating, adult video, strip clubs or a similar topic with a Japanese adult theme we’ll consider it.

Be sure that you don’t write something too close to what’s already on the site. Reviews are fine but repeating the same details or news that we’ve already published isn’t useful.

Send us original content. If you have published the exact piece elsewhere we aren’t interested in it. Once it’s published here you can publish it anywhere as long as you link back to this site. Reworking a review you’ve published elsewhere for publication here can work if done well.

If we accept your work for publication, we will post whatever biographical information you’d like along with links to any website or social media account you’d like listed at the end of your piece. You are also free to remain anonymous.

First time contributors will not be compensated financially. If we accept at least three of your pieces for publication we will then seriously consider bringing you on as a regular paid contributor.

By submitting an article or other media to this site you grant us a perpetual license to reproduce and distribute it on this website and related media like newsletters, publications, compilations and more.

If you’re interested in writing for Rockit Rising Sun, contact us and let us know.